She is running around fast while chiming her anklets in her small legs intentionally, so she is also trying to find her by identifying her place by the sound of her anklet. She is repeatedly shaking her anklets by moving her small legs to get her to come near her. She screams in joy.

"Search me quickly..."

She always likes her sweet, lisping words and is forced to smile. A huge smile appears on her face, She is blindfolded and even when she is smiling, her beauty is not diminishing with that piece of cloth on her eyes.

"If I catch you soon, what reward will I get?"

"First, catch me."

She giggles loudly because she loves to play with her. She quickly starts looking for her through her giggle voice, and after a while, she starts looking for her by spreading her arms, as she knows she is very close to her and she's holding her in her arms in a blink and starts laughing.

"Caught you..."

There, the laughter of both of them starts echoing loudly, and she starts laughing even more after removing her blindfold and seeing her smiling angelic face, which gives her peace every time.

The little girl immediately begins to laugh more while kissing her cheeks. She is also just looking at her, smiling with so much satisfaction, but then she realizes that someone is watching her. Because of which, her eyes immediately go upwards to his room's window.

His sharp eyes are on her, and he is drinking coffee while looking at her, due to which the smile on her face gradually disappears, and she only starts talking to the girl, caressing her softly with so much love. And his eyes are calculating everything very sharply.

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