Chapter 1


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She's constantly running away; her feet are waving because they've bruised badly, but even then, they are not stopping at all, nor is she looking back, and she just wants to get out of this path in the darkness, which is not ending at all. Again and again, her hands are going to her face and wiping her tears, which is blurring her vision.

There is no life left in the legs at all, but still, with the remaining little courage, she is trying to run away, but in a short time, the remaining strength leaves her side. She falls hard on the ground and begins to breathe deeply with her open mouth. Holding herself by wrapping her hands around her naked body, she looks in front. Still, she does not see any way far away, due to which tears start flowing from her eyes again. She starts trying to get up with the help of her hands, and then two legs put their feet tightly on both of her hands.



She wakes up with a jolt, tears washing all over her face. She is just constantly touching herself and trying to make sure that she is not alone in the dark at the moment but is safe in a small room. This room is so small that, after laying a sheet on the ground, she cannot keep anything else there, but it is very cozy and comfortable for her.

Suddenly the door opens, and a woman with a very affectionate face comes and takes her in her arms, embracing her in a warm motherly hug, and she starts crying more.

"It's okay, Avi… it was a bad dream, and it is a dream only; you don't need to be afraid… You are all safe."

But she is so scared that she just hugs the woman and keeps crying. In a while, a man also comes in and sits next to both of them and just caresses Avi's head with love.

"Don't worry, sweety, it was just a bad dream... Just look around; you are saved here."

A very affectionate embrace and a loving fatherly touch both help her a lot in stopping her crying, and after a while she says making herself feel absolutely fine with her down eyes.

"Do you bring flowers for the garlands?"

"I brought a lot of flowers. You know that today is Monday, and there will be a huge crowd in the Mahadev ji (Lord Shiva) temple . Last time all the garlands were over, I hope this time also our garlands will sell the most.”

She lightly nods her head and walks away. They both keep watching her go; she has completely disappeared from their sight. As she leaves, Vishnu's eyes drop and is fixed on the floor with sadness on his face, while Padma, sitting nearby, presses her mouth against the end of her saree and cries.

"I do not know what the pain of this child is and what it is not, but now its pain has started to hurt me too."

“Yes, you are right; in a year and a half, this child has begun to look no less than my own daughter... I don't know why this girl doesn't smile or say anything… She makes garlands for us all day long, and by the grace of God, her handmade garland sells so well that earlier there was not even a single meal for us to eat, and today all three of us are eating very comfortably and are also living comfortably."

“You are telling the truth, but now it is very sad to see her. Since the day we found her, I have not seen her sleeping comfortably even for a whole night. Every time she sleeps for a few hours and wakes up scared in the same way, God only knows who is the cause of her misery, what untoward incident has happened to this child... We both don't even know what her name is except “AVI”..."


“Let's not start the day like this, because if she sees both of us like this, she will not like it. After all, I did not know her before; she is just a stranger who we help, but now we are like family to her.”

Hearing Vishnu's words, Padma immediately tries to smile by wiping the tears from her eyes and immediately goes after Avi.




At present, she is constantly splashing water on her face, and while washing her face, she also wants to wash away the dreams that bother her a lot. But it's going to be very difficult for her.

She starts looking at herself in the stagnant water, the face she has not seen for the last one and a half years. Because now she does not want to see her face, she looks at the shadow in the water for a moment and immediately closes her eyes.

With her closed eyes she sees a girl running around with a lot of laughter, her father laughing with her because she is his life and the smile of her mother, and for her younger brother, as if he did not live a moment without her, immediately tears come out of her eyes, and she says to herself.

“I hate this face...”

She immediately runs inside. Their small house is on the bank of the river, and often she likes to sit on the bank of this river in the evening but never likes to see her face.

Padma looks at her suddenly, as she has just run inside like every day. She doesn't know what fear always scares her all the time, but she never talks to her about it because it's probably something of a nuisance to her that neither lets her live nor does she smile as she puts tea and toast in front of her, which she begins to eat quietly as usual.

Padma's eyes are fixed on this girl, who will be about 28 years old. Her height is 5 '5 feet, she has a very curvy body like God himself has sculpted her with his hands, like an epitome of beauty. Yes she is extremely beautiful, she wants to cast evil every day from her but She always likes to keep her face covered with her thick long hair and never lets the scarf come off her head. She rarely spoke to anyone, but I loved to play with AASHI. Padma smiles and says,.

"Bundela madam is very happy with you because you keep her granddaughter Aashi very well."

Avi, who was comfortably eating tea and toast when she heard Aashi's name, smiled very lightly at Padma. This smile is so small that one can hardly notice it, but Padma is very happy to see this smile because it only appears on her lips sometimes.

"Madam ji has spoken about the 40-day parikrama (round around temple), but she was getting very upset for Ashi, so I said, " Whenever she will do the parikrama, you will take care of Aashi; do I do right?"

Avi quickly nods her head and finishes her tea biscuit quickly, as her entire focus is now on meeting Aashi. She met Aashi just 8 months ago, when she had come for the first time with her grandmother to worship in the temple, but she was troubling her grandmother a lot, due to which she was not able to worship properly, and she had to leave. At that time, Avi had taken her in her warm embrace and cooed that 3-year-old sweet girl, so her grandmother, to do the puja. This was the first time that Aashi had gone to someone other than her family, and at the same time, she was happy with her. Seeing this, her grandmother was quite surprised. She was very happy and relaxed that day. She comes to the temple nearby for puja every week, and Aashi is always with her, and now every time Avi takes care of that sweet angel, for whom she waits eagerly for a week. She quickly starts working at double speed because she wants to keep a lot of time for Aashi and does not want to do anything with her time. That's why she wants to finish as much work as possible before her arrival.

Vishnu, who was silently listening to everything, starts looking at Avi, who seems happy with himself. He stares at his wife, who is looking only at Avi but is consumed by a different kind of worry, so he says softly to her.

“You even have any idea what you're doing. You are also inviting huge trouble for her few hours of happiness... Don't you know Bundela?”

“What kind of trouble? You yourself know that Madam always takes flowers from us and does puja. This time Avi is with us, so she has just started getting to know this sweet girl and adores her a lot… What is the problem with this?”

“The problem is not with Bundela madam, but with her son… The whole town is afraid of her son, and Aashi is his daughter… If anything happens by mistake, he will neither leave us nor Avi alive…”

“I don't understand. Why are you talking like this? Nothing like this is going to happen… I only know that Avi likes Aashi, and Aashi is very happy with Avi. Apart from this, I don't know anything. You are worrying about things that have not happened. You saw that Avi smiled lightly at the mention of Aashi… so I am also happy.”

Padma leaves from there, and Vishnu silently looks at the idol of God, prays for the safety of all three of them, and says softly.

“Keep your blessings on us."


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