Chapter 2


There is a stampede in the whole house; everyone is doing everything very quickly because they know that soon their first master will come to the dining table, and he needs his breakfast on time. The biggest thing is that today the first mistress is going to circumambulate the temple for 40 days according to her vow, due to which all those people are in a hurry. The servants of the house are talking to each other while working quickly.

"Do all the work quickly; otherwise, there will be a lot of problems, everyone knows very well that Bundela Saheb does not want any kind of mistake."

“Everyone lives here in a hurry. Everyone sees the fault of others; no matter how hard we try, he will find our fault. Today is the first day, and I am thinking about 40 days because the situation is going to be the same for 40 days. Memsahab will not come to the kitchen in the morning, and everyone is going to be scolded by the master at the breakfast table.”

“You are absolutely right, but the truth is, thank God that Chhote Saheb is not here because he does not tolerate any mistake. I don't know how many people have already been fired.”

Everyone sets the breakfast table by working fast and taking a deep breath after seeing their work, and their eyes go up to where their bade sahab's room is because he can come anytime.

Digvijay is sitting very comfortably on the couch and looking at Sandhya, who is not paying attention to him today, doing something regularly.

"Can I get a little bit of your attention?"

“Nhi (no)...”

Shandhya says that and a little girl's laughter resounds very loudly in the room. Digvijay lovingly holds his granddaughter in his arms and kisses her on the cheek.

"Please, princess, I want a few moments with your grandmother.”

Aashi puts both her small hands on her mouth, presses her mouth to hide her smile, and nods her head.


“Good girl... Just give us a few moments…. then we have our breakfast."

Aashi runs away from there by making a very loud noise about the anklet tied to her feet. Digvijay looks at his wife, who is currently looking at some lady suits, smiling lovingly, which he says makes him grit his teeth.

“How many times have I explained to you that you should not give place in your heart to strangers; they are not your own?... And you know he didn't like it…"

"And you know I've never done that. There are very few people I like to call my own… about him… this is not your concern at all…"

"What is the matter? Today, Shekhawat Ji's daughter is looking very angry.”

"Whatever mistake you make, it would be better if you never called my father in this way, and anyway, he is no longer in this world."

"Okay sorry for this, tell me what are you angry about?"

"You don't know what I'm talking about."

"Look, Sandhya, after 7 days, our Aashi turns 3 years old... And it will be 3 years since Divya died... I don't want to see my son alone anymore, so I want him to get married as soon as possible… So what is wrong with this..."

Sandhya turns, stands in front of him, and tells him but nor looking into his eyes.

"You are not thinking about your son's marriage but about your own benefit; whatever your son is doing in the underworld at this time, you are only thinking about increasing your business, so all the girls you have chosen for him are related to the mafia family, and marrying any one of them will only benefit your business."

"Again, what's wrong with that?”

“Last time also, you got Divya and Paraakram married; both of them did not refuse to marry because both of them agreed to marry according to the wishes of their parents as they know each other, but this time I do not want anything like that... I want a girl in Paraakram's life who understands him, who loves him, and who cares for him..."

Digvijay smiles and turns her towards the mirror, and while touching her vermillion, he kisses her forehead and says,.

“I believe that after marriage, love happens whether the boy and the girl marry according to their choice or not, and the biggest thing is that if we are getting benefit from marrying such a girl, then there is nothing wrong with it. According to you, in terms of love and care, I know very well how to get it from anyone. When they falls in love and after love one automatically starts worrying about each other.... I have only two objectives at the moment: firstly, to take my business to great heights and to see Paraakram handling Asia's largest Mafia network; secondly, I have to see Paraakram's son, who will take over our business in the future.”

Without saying much, Sandhya picks up those suits and looks back at him.

“Do what you have to do because, as far as I know, my son is not going to listen to you."

Digvijay is getting very angry after hearing this from his wife, so he comes a little closer to her, bends down to her level, and looks into her eyes.

"You don't think you're saying much today.."

Sandhya takes a deep breath, very comfortably stands in front of Digvijay, and says nicely, raising her face and looking into his eyes.

"Till the time I was Digvijay Bundela's wife, I used to have a lot of fear, but now I am Paraakram Bundela's mother, and the fear in me has completely gone."

She turns and leaves immediately, and Digvijay's eyes are still fixed on the door because he did not like his wife's words at all. He loves his wife very much, but he can't see anyone else dominating his life.




The convoy of cars stops right in front, immediately stands in front while handling her head scarf very well, and her eyes are only looking for her little bundle of joy, Aashi, in all these cars, which is only for a while but gives her a lot of happiness.


As soon as Avi hears this sweet, melodious voice, her face immediately turns to the voice coming from the front. She quickly takes her steps toward the car. A bodyguard opens the car door while staring at her. She immediately turned her face down to hide.

Sandhya walks out with a smiling Aashi in her arms, and as soon as she comes out, Aashi immediately jumps into Avi's arms; both hug tightly. Aashi wraps her small hands around her neck, and Avi closes her eyes for a while to feel immense peace of heart. Sandhya smiles at both of them and tells Avi.

“She always calls you by your name and forbids her to do this; she does not listen to anything; she listens to your words, then explains some good things to her. I know that you love her very much and teach her everything very well, but you never stop her from taking your name.”

As always, she just smiles and shakes her head, but she doesn't respond in words. Aashi is much happier with Avi, and she is just telling her a lot of things in her soothing voice that she's constantly listening to. All the people move towards the temple and start worshiping. Avi sits in the temple with Aashi very comfortably, and Sandhya is looking at both of them smiling while doing the parikrama (round around the temple).

After 3 hours, when all the rounds are completed, she is sitting next to both of them. Avi sees her tired and immediately grabs a glass of water. Sandhya smiles, starts drinking water, and says to herself right away.

"I want my son and my granddaughter to always have happiness in their lives, so this time I have decided to do a 40-day parikrama for their well-being."

Avi sees her for a few seconds and starts playing with Aashi again. Sandhya points something out to a bodyguard, who immediately brings her suit to her. She gives the suit to Avi.

"I have brought some clothes for you."

"Please no...

"There's no need to say no because I'm not going to listen to you. You love Aashi so much now, so she also loves you, all these clothes Aashi has chosen for you."

Her eyes immediately turned to Aashi. She sweetly smile says to Avi

“Dadi aur Ashu ne sab kuchh choose Kiya."

(Grandma and Aashi select everything.)

Avi doesn't want to take those things at all but can never say that to Aashi, so she just shakes her head lightly. In a short time, it will be time for Sandhya and Aashi to leave. Both Avi and Aashi have disappointment on their faces. Aashi lightly waves her hand while sitting in the car and immediately clings to her grandmother, as she doesn't like being away from Avi at all. Her grandmother says, kissing her on the forehead.

"We'll be back tomorrow."

As soon as Aashi hears this, she starts smiling and fast-waving her hand towards Avi, and then starts giving flying kisses. Avi is just quietly looking at her, and automatically, a faint smile starts floating on her lips.


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In the next chapter, you will meet PARAAKRAM BUNDELA.

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