Chapter 3


His eyes are watching each and every word in the file very well, which shows him losses, and everyone knows very well that he cannot tolerate any kind of harm. All the people around him are trying to hide their sweat because, until the time he is reading the file, they will remain out of his sight. But as soon as he looks at them, it will be difficult for them to give any answer.

The truck driver, who had fled the scene to save his life, comes forward and shows his injured leg and says,.

"Sir, we tried very hard to make him understand, but the policeman is not ready to understand it and is not leaving our truck."

After listening to the man's words, he immediately looks up and straight at him. Seeing his dangerous gaze towards himself, the man takes two steps back from his place and, due to fear, urinates at the same time.

His eyes are watching the circle form very well due to his pants getting wet, and everyone's hands and legs are trembling after seeing his calm poster. He sits straight in his chair and keeps looking at him.

"You save yourself..."

No, sir, I have not run away from there; I have been sent here after running away and have been told to tell you that no matter what you do, he will not leave your truck but will also expose you in front of the world. I explained it to him very well. He told me that he should not do this, but the boy was probably so proud of himself that he was not ready to listen to anything. He immediately shot me in the leg and said that if I did not come here and tell you all this, he would not leave me worthy of driving a truck again."

"Hummm, what is his name?"

"Shakti Sharma…”

After hearing the name, he immediately got up from there and started going out. All the people start coming out and following him, and the man who had urinated there out of fear just sits there.

“That policeman doesn't know what he has done. He has messed with Parakram Bundla and will not be able to live even 1 minute to beg for his life.”

He was saying all this to himself with his head bowed, but he felt someone's eyes on him, and due to fear, he immediately looked up. Parakram is standing in front of him with a gun. He wants to beg for his life by putting his hands together to save himself, but before his hands can join each other, Parakram shoots the gun in the middle of his forehead.





There is blood spread all around, and everyone is silently watching the scene in front. The police inspector who stopped his truck has cut it into pieces because he has suffered a loss of crores because of him. Everyone is standing there holding their breath because they know that if they even take a breath to disturb his act, they will be next.

There is no sound of anything except his angry, loud growling voice and the knife, and in this environment, suddenly his phone ring starts resonating rapidly. His hands stop, and he quickly looks towards his wrist watch. He smiles and gets up from the floor to wipe his hands on his Minions shirt. Seeing him come closer to him, the man's breathing automatically stops. He very casually wipes his hands on his shirt while looking at his face, and he knows well enough that he is standing there holding his breath tightly. He smirks and slides the green icon.

“Hey, Papa's princess…”

“Papa… I miss you sooooo much."

“Papa misses his princess too… so what you have done all day, my love…”

“After waking up in the morning, I missed you a lot, then enjoyed watching grandparents fight, then, after going to the temple, watched grandma's round-round, then I came back home and sat sad.”

He chuckles at her words, but he is listening to her every word very well, so he picks up the knife from the ground, looks closely at the dripping blood on it, and asks her.

“Why sad…”

“Ashu loves temples."

“Aashi didn't play today…”

"I just told you that I was sad and was just sitting sad… And when I'm sad I don't do anything."

"Oh, I forgot that... I am sorry, darling."

"It's okay.... What have you done all day?"

"I woke up in the morning, and I missed my princess a lot. Then I had breakfast. Even then, I missed my princess a lot. I spent the whole day working, missing my princess, and I was waiting for when my princess would be free and call me..."

Her laughter suddenly echoed in his ear. He started listening to his daughter's laughter very well with his eyes closed.

"Don't be sad, sweetheart."

"But I am not feeling good after coming from the temple."

"Now you go to the temple with grandma every day, so why are you feeling so sad?”

"Because grandma said that she would do this for 40 days, one day is done, only 39 days are left, then 38, and after that, 37... I did not like it.”

Parakram is listening to his daughter very well, and while listening, he immediately tells her.

"Where is grandma?”

"In the kitchen... After fighting with Dadu, she decided that today she would murder all the vegetables, then boil them and feed them to Ashu.”

She said her last words very dramatically. He laughs loudly, and everyone there is breathing a sigh of relief because they know that after talking to his daughter, Parakram's mood automatically turns very pleasant, no matter how angry he is. Anger has completely disappeared from his hearts and minds, so everyone knows very well that now the atmosphere has become much better, hence everyone is very relieved.


Parakram can clearly hear Aashi calling her grandmother, and within moments he hears Sandhya's voice.


“I don't understand why you are so upset. No matter how much your husband says this time, I am not going to marry anyone; you don't need to worry about it."

“The only thing I am worried about is that you are not going to get married. I am not at all worried that you will marry any girl that your father chooses this time because I know that is not going to happen.”

"You have gotten into the habit of worrying unnecessarily; keep doing your favorite work. I was telling you this: Aashi likes going to the temple very much; take her with you to the temple every day.”

"I don't know the daily routine, but for the next 40 days she will definitely go to the temple with me because you know very well that your father does not like me going out without any reason.”

“You don't need to worry about it; I will arrange everything for it. Papa is very worried about you because you also know that you have been attacked once. That is why he also does not want you out anywhere. I will arrange for more bodyguards for you and take care of everything.”

“Okay… Aashi will go to the temple with me every day from now on.”

Aashi starts jumping there and shouting loudly in happiness as soon as she hears Sandhya's words, and Parakram, who is smiling, can clearly hear her voice.

He disconnects the phone and says it smilingly while looking at his daughter's cute photo on the screen.

“Keep smiling, my princess."

His eyes fell on the cut body lying in front of him, which he had cut some time ago. He sees himself; there is blood all over his body. He immediately takes off his clothes, starts leaving from there, and says to himself.

“Whenever Aashi's calls, I forget what state I am in. It's good she didn't make a video call.”

Everyone looks at each other after he leaves and then sees the dead body, which even his family members won't recognize now.


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So he is Paraakram Bundala.

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