Chapter 4


Parakram is sitting very comfortably and has a glass of wine in his hand. Some girls are dancing in front of him, and he has no interest in seeing them. It is definitely a compulsion for him to come to such a party, but in such activities, he doesn't like getting involved at all.

Arman, his right-hand man, looks at his glass, which is now empty. He knows very well that when he comes to drink, he drinks a lot without stopping at all. When he is drinking and his glass appears empty for a long time, his anger is at its peak.

Armaan immediately fills his glass with wine without delay. Everyone is watching the dance in front of them because everyone is more interested in the naked bodies of the girls that they are displaying in front of them in the dance, as they are in minimal clothes.

After some time, all the girls go around there and start dancing very short distances with men, and many men are touching their bodies. Parakram is keeping himself away from all these things and is just looking outside the window; all his attention is only on his liquor, which gives him immense pleasure.

A girl comes near him and starts dancing. Armaan goes and tries to stop her, but the girl starts seducing Armaan while touching him very sensually, due to which he first wants to save himself because he knows very well that no one will be able to save her from Parakram. He moves aside and waits to end the game. The girl comes near Parakram, takes his wine glass from his hands, and starts dancing in front of him. Parakram starts looking at her very quietly.

The girl, while pouring liquor on herself, is constantly trying to woo him with her seductive expressions, which doesn't seem to be succeeding by far. She deliberately sat on his lap, poured liquor on her bosoms, and brought herself close to Parakram's lips.

Armaan closes his eyes without any delay because, in one fell swoop, Parakram pulls the girl's hair tightly into his fist and slits her throat.


The girl starts writhing on the ground, holding her throat, but no one helps her, and after some time, her writhing also stops because her body has become completely lifeless. There is an atmosphere of fear among the girls, but they all know that at this moment they are in a mafia party and doing anything here can be fatal for them too, so they just stand there silently bravely, and most importantly, it was told to all of them very well that they should invite only those who show interest in them to come close to them, but they should not try to forcefully approach anyone else; their attempt cost their lives; or the consequences could be more bad, but their companions completely ignored this warning, and in the pursuit of finding a bigger prey, she got into trouble with the wrong person.

He looks around, and his eyes stop towards the waiter, who is standing with many glasses and a full bottle of some famous brands of wine on a big tray.

"Come here."

The waiter immediately comes near him without any delay. His steps stop near the dead girl because Parakram is standing there. He is feeling the girl's blood on his feet, but he does not dare to move from there, even by mistake. He is very interested in checking out the liquor.

He takes his favorite brand, looking at the dead body lying below, and very gently opens the bottle. On tiptoes, he sits near the dead body and drinks the wine while looking at the girl carefully.

“Very bad happened to you; all your life went away from your body in one stroke. It is my fault; you should have suffered a little because you deserved it.”

He gets up from there, puts the bottle in his mouth, and leaves, drinking the liquor. Armaan immediately signals his men and gives instructions to clean the place, and he himself runs after Parakram.

After two hours, Parakram and Armaan are in his room. Parakram is continuously emptying liquor bottles one after the other until he becomes so intoxicated that he forgets the world completely.

“Sir, it is too much; now go to sleep.”

Parakram is able to lift his face upwards with great difficulty, so Armaan helps him get up, makes him lie down on the bed, and then takes off his shoes and starts covering him with a blanket, but Parakram's voice stops his hand for a few moments.

“You left; you shouldn't have gone like this.”

Armaan gently covers him in the blanket and sits in front of him. He starts looking at Parakram's face very well because, as his assistant, he knows a lot about his business and personal life. He says it softly.

"It has been 3 years; neither are you able to forget her nor are you able to move forward... If all that had not happened three years ago, you would not have been like this today.”

Armaan looks at him carefully, closes his room, and goes to his own room.




Avi is sitting and making the tiara very lovingly, because only yesterday Aashi had told her that she wanted to wear the tiara. Padma is smilingly looking at Avi because she has not seen this girl smiling as much in one and a half years as she has seen it in the last 7 days.


She immediately looks towards Padma, and she has a smile on her lips as she remembers Aashi even while making the tiara. Padma immediately takes out a little bit of kajal from the corners of her eyes, applies it to Avi's cheek, and says it with a smile.

“God forbid that this smile of yours should not be noticed by anyone... I feel good when you smile like this.”

She had no idea that she was smiling; she wanted to hide her smile, but the woman who was sitting in front of her did not spare any effort to save her from any kind of trouble. If she wants to see her smiling, then she can do this much for her. She smiles lightly and again engages in her work.




It is 1:00 in the night, and Aashi is still running around wearing a tiara on her head. There are three nannies kept in her care who are trying to catch her and getting upset because of her. Digvijay is smiling, seeing his granddaughter's mischievousness, while Sandhya is just waiting to catch her. After a lot of difficulties, all the nannies together catch hold of Aashi, due to which she immediately starts crying. Digvijay takes his granddaughter in his arms and starts staring; hence, Sandhya comes in between and takes all those people away from there and signals them to leave immediately.

Aashi was still in the mood to play, and when she was held, she did not like it, so she started crying, and She is crying so much that it is difficult for Digvijay and Sandhya to calm her down.

~Parakram, who was sitting in London and holding a meeting on a very important issue, suddenly stops all his meetings and says it softly.


~Avi is sitting near the window, looking at the flowing river. Vishnu and Padma have slept, but as usual, sleep is far away from her eyes. Suddenly she starts feeling a bit uneasy, and she says it softly.


Both Digvijay and Sandhya are trying to calm Aashi down. Parakram has called them three to four times, but they cannot pick up the phone under any circumstances because if he hears his daughter crying, he will get very upset and will trouble everyone. However, she won't stop sobbing and pulls herself up off Digvijay's lap to lie down on the swing her father had decorated. She is still holding her tiara very well to her chest and lies down on the swing. Soon, her crying stops, and she murmurs softly.

"Papa... Avu... I miss you both."

Soon, sleep takes her in its embrace.

Sandhya and Digvijay heave a sigh of relief and quietly lie down on the adjacent bed.

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