Chapter 6

He comes inside with slow steps, and his eyes are only on his little baby lying in the cradle in the hospital. His baby had come into this world only a few hours ago, and for the first time after seeing her, there has been such a sparkle in his eyes. Which no one has ever seen. He very affectionately goes up to her and tries to touch her cottony cheeks, which are preventing him from touching her because he is afraid that he might hurt her with his rough pore. He is unable to control himself, so he touches her cheek out of fear, and as soon as he touches her cheek, the little girl smiles softly with her tiny, close eyes, and seeing her smiling, he too is smiling.

But within a few moments, his smile turns into anger, and he looks towards the woman lying nearby who is sleeping very comfortably. He immediately grabs her neck and starts pressing her tightly. She opens her eyes and looks at him. She grabs both his hands and tries to free herself from his grip, but everything is useless in front of his grip. She is suffering a lot, but his blood-filled eyes are not ready to feel her pain at all.

Parakram's eyes suddenly open, and he immediately starts looking at the rising sun outside the window. God knows how many times, even today, he remembers all these past events and wakes up like this every time. He immediately takes his mobile and first sees the lovely photo of his daughter and kisses her.

“No power in this world can separate you and me."

He knew very well that it would be midnight there and Aashi would be preparing to sleep, but as soon as he saw her photo, he felt only to talk to her, so he immediately called his mother.

Seeing Sandhya's phone ringing, Aashi quickly jumps and takes the phone because she knows that no one else can call except her father. Digvijay, who was trying to make Ashi sleep, starts smiling at her.


"Hey, my princess... You have not slept yet; why are you  awake?

“I have been telling my grandfather for so long that I want to talk to you, but he is not listening to me.”

Parakram knows very well that his father is angry with him because he is not agreeing to his words and getting ready for marriage, and perhaps Sandhya will not be around, due to which Aashi is complaining about Digvijay.

“Okay, dad quickly realized that his daughter was missing him, so he called his Ashu."

“yeee… I love you."

“I love you too, my child."

“I miss you, Papa.”

There is a lot of sadness in these words, which Parakram immediately felt. He has been away continuously for the last two months due to some work and has not been able to meet his daughter, so he understands Aashi's sadness too.

“Papa misses you too."

Both of them talk for some time, and he realizes that Aashi has started feeling sleepy, so he starts talking more sweetly, and Aashi falls asleep with the phone in her ear. Digvijay disconnects the phone, and Parakram realizes that Aashi is asleep; her photo is still in front of him. Then Armaan comes to say something to him.

“Sir… Our shipment is getting delayed by 10 days as it is being brought through a very long route.”


“Sir, any problem?"

“We are going to India.”




“Y for yak and z for zebra.”

As soon as Aashi finishes pronouncing the entire alphabet, Avi becomes very happy after receiving applause, and as a reward, she makes her wear a very beautiful and lovely tiara on her head. As soon as Aashi wears the tiara, she starts jumping with joy. Every bodyguard present is also smiling. And Sandhya, sitting nearby, knows no bounds to her happiness. She says this to Avi.

“It has been only 25 days that I have been coming continuously, and you have taught her everything that a 3-year-old child knows, whereas three nannies in the house together are not able to do all this because it does not matter to anyone. Her father is going to be very happy when he learns about all this."

Avi's focus is not on anything but on Ashi, who is jumping with joy and slowly becoming her life. Aashi hugs her tightly and kisses her cheeks; Avi smiles broadly and kisses her back.

Sandhya is very happy to see both of them sitting there, massaging her feet lightly. Due to the continuous round around the temple, she is having a lot of pain in her feet. Avi starts looking at her very carefully. But then Sandhya tells everyone.

“Now it's time to leave; otherwise, soon your sir will call and trouble you all until we reach home.”

Aashi immediately falls into Avi’s arms, and she does not get down until she reaches her car. Every day, Aashi falls into Avi's arms in the same manner from the temple and sits straight in the car. After sitting in the car, Sandhya and Aashi wave towards Avi, due to which she also smiles softly and starts saying bye to them.

Slowly, the car starts disappearing from her sight, and as soon as the car completely vanishes in front of her eyes, the smile on her lips completely disappears from his face. Padma and Vishnu see this thing every day now. She turns and immediately starts her work as if she were not smiling, Vishnu says softly while staring at Padma.

“You have no idea what you have done."

“I just wanted her happiness."

“You have to understand very well that our Avi's heart has started beating a lot more for Aashi. Aashi is coming today, and if she doesn't come tomorrow, our Avi will be the one who will feel the most sad."

Padma nods her head lightly because she too is understanding Vishnu's words very well.




As soon as Aashi returns home from the temple, she continuously tries to try her father's mobile, which is not connected.

“Why isn’t Papa picking up the phone?”

“He must be busy with some work; now you should quickly prepare to eat."

However, Aashi needed to call her father, who was not answering the phone. As a result, she became upset and immediately ran to her room, where her father had left all of the toys she frequently played with. She sits down with the toys when the memories of her father start troubling her a lot.


Sandhya's voice is trying to stop her, but Aashi immediately comes to her room and hugs the biggest teddy bear.

"Papa, I miss you."


On hearing this voice, Aashi immediately starts looking around the room, and suddenly Parakram comes out smiling from behind the door, due to which she immediately runs to him. He picks her up in his arms, gently tosses her in the air, catches her again, and says while hugging her tightly.

“You are missing your father, so how can your father stay away from you?"

She wraps both her small arms around his neck and tells him very lovingly.

“I miss you so so so so much."

“I miss you a lot."

Both of them immediately come downstairs, and Sandhya becomes very happy after seeing Parakram, then immediately serves food. Parakram sits with Ashi in his lap and starts feeding her. The tiara worn in Aashi's hair is attracting his attention again and again because the very faint fragrance emanating from the flowers is very pleasant. He immediately says,


Aashi immediately looks at her father and finds that his attention is on her tiara, due to which she laughs, takes the tiara off her head, puts it on her father's head, and starts laughing loudly while clapping.

Parakram also starts laughing with her, which is quite normal for him. He becomes a child with Aashi and spends his time with her with great pleasure. Shortly after having food, Aashi starts yawning as per her habit due to an afternoon nap; as a result, Parakram takes her in his arms and starts walking towards his room, patting her lightly.

After some time, Aashi sleeps soundly, and Parakram is still walking here and there, holding her in his arms, because he does not want her to suddenly break her sleep, even by mistake. He will not put her to bed until he is completely sure that she has slept well. While roaming here and there in the room, his eyes fall on the big mirror, in which his reflection is clearly visible. Still wearing the tiara on his head, he smiles and puts it off, and very securely, he lays Aashi on the bed and puts the tiara on her head again. She is an angel, but after wearing the tiara, she looks more beautiful in it. He smiles and says,.

“I will have to ask the tiara maker to make such beautiful tiaras for my daughter every day."

He kisses her forehead and keeps looking at her.

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