Chapter 7

“My father is a he-man; he is also a superman, and he is the most loving father in the world."

Aashi often talks about her father, and today it seems as if her praises for her father are not ending, due to which Avi, smiling lightly, is making a much better style with flowers in her hair today, for which Aashi has been insisting for a long time. She was lagging behind, but looking at the little girl's hair, Avi did not want to do this, fearing that she might give her any trouble by touching her hair because she is very small and would have to pull several times while styling. Also goes, due to which there is pain. But today Aashi is not ready to listen to her at all, so she is putting flowers in her hair and giving a very beautiful style to her hair with gentle hands.

Aashi hairstyle



“You know, when my super hero comes to you, he can also scold you because my father loves me very much, but don't be afraid; Papa cannot do anything in front of Ashu.”

She immediately turns around and stands up, placing both her hands on her waist, and tells him.

"My father is afraid of me.”

As soon as she hears Aashi's words, Avi starts laughing loudly, and her laughter starts resonating. Aashi, hearing her laugh, starts laughing along with her. Everyone there is looking back at them because both of them are laughing together. It is very nice to see them laughing.

Sandhya comes to them smiling, hearing their laughter, and the smile on her face immediately disappears when she sees the style made in Aashi's hair. She can't say anything to Avi because she knows very well that Avi would have been helpless in front of the stubbornness of this little girl, but at this time Parakram is at home and his eyes are very sharp, due to which she has started feeling scared. Taking Aashi in her arms, she immediately says to Avi:.

“Now we should leave; his father will be eagerly waiting for her.”

Avi nods her head lightly after listening to her and immediately puts the tiara on Aashi's head. Soon, they will take their leave.




The sound of Ashi's cry starts echoing loudly. Parakram was talking to someone on the phone, but as soon as he heard Aashi's cry, he immediately ran outside. Aashi came inside the mansion crying and saw her father. As soon as she sees him, she spreads her arms and quickly climbs into her father's lap. Sandhya was also coming running inside, but in the meantime, Parakram had taken Aashi in his arms, and seeing her cry like this, his anger was at its peak.

“What happened? She fell somewhere; is she hurt?”

While saying his words, he starts checking his daughter carefully, who has become completely silent as soon as she comes into his arms, and he wraps his small arms around his neck.

Sandhya is standing silently in front of them as she tries to distract Aashi from undoing her hairstyle, but as soon as Aashi realizes that her grandmother is spoiling the work done by Avi, she starts crying.

Sandhya finds it difficult to say her words and handles everything here, but she knows very well that now it will be difficult to handle things. Parakram starts caressing Aashi's hair to control her sobs, and immediately his eyes go to her hair.

Parakram immediately sits on the sofa, sits his daughter nicely in his lap, and starts looking at her hair very carefully. The hair has been styled with very beautiful flowers, for which Aashi has to sit with someone for a long time. He keeps checking very keenly, his eyes immediately going towards Sandhya.

“I know the girl very well, and Aashi has become very friendly to her, so she talks to her very comfortably.”

“But you know very well that it is not good for Aashi to meet anyone other than her family.”

“What you are saying is absolutely right, but as far as I know, she is not a bad girl and sells flower garlands in the Maha Mandir along with her parents. She used to make tiaras with love only for her, so today she asked her to do this. He insists that she should also put flowers in her hair.”

“Aashi is a small kid who does not know right and wrong; I just know that she should not meet any outsider, and despite you going with so many bodyguards, my child is meeting any outsider."


Without any delay, Parakram makes Aashi sit on the sofa and immediately goes outside. All the bodyguards who accompany Sandhya to the temple are standing outside and talking about their shift. Seeing Parakram coming, all of them stood straight. He opens his belt and comes in front of them, which turns into a huge terror for them, and without any delay, he starts beating all the people with his belt.




There, everyone's crying starts resonating, but Parakram's hand does not stop at all. He is shouting loudly while beating everyone.

“A stranger is coming closer to my daughter, and you all are not telling me these things at all... How long has all this been happening? Today, I will take everyone's life. Don't you people have any idea how precious my daughter's life is?"

Sandhya had come out running to stop Parakram because, due to her refusal, no one had told Parakram anything, and today all of them are becoming victims of his anger. Sandhya has always been very against all these things, but due to living in a mafia family, she usually has to see them but has never been able to accept them. One of the bodyguards shouts

"The big master knows everything."

Parakram's hand suddenly stops, and Sandhya takes a sigh of relief that at least her son has stopped and hasn't killed anyone. Aashi comes out with her small steps and sees her father in this form for the first time. Which is a bit scary for her.


Hearing his daughter's frightened voice, Parakram suddenly comes to his senses. He immediately turns and looks at Aashi, who is crying out of fear and is only looking at the bodyguard. Parakram immediately comes near her and gives her a very sweet kiss on the forehead. He takes her in his arms and starts loving her.

“I love you very much and do not want you to face any trouble, even by mistake. The outside world is not good; you do not meet people, and these people allowed you to meet the wrong people, which is why Papa was punishing them."

“My Avu is very good; she is the best in the world.”

Firstly, Aashi is meeting someone outside, and secondly, the way she is calling her clearly indicates how close a relationship she is sharing with her, which Parakram does not like at all. But at this time, Aashi is scared of seeing him; hence, at this moment, nothing is important to him except his daughter. He silently goes inside with her.




All the bodyguards are standing in line, and everyone is still scared. Digvijay is sitting on his chair, and Parakram is standing with his hands in his pockets in front of all the bodyguards with red eyes and anger. Digvijay says.

“You don't need to worry; the bodyguards are not being sent there just to stand there. I know very well that I am also worried about Sandhya and Aashi, whether they both are okay or how they meet with anyone. I have information about every single thing. Secondly, all these bodyguards have some instruction that even by mistake, if Ashi faces any threat from that girl, then they neither have to look at the place nor the environment; they have to directly shoot that girl with bullets.”

Parakram immediately turns and looks at his father, and he likes his decision very much. Digvijay stands up and comes in front of him, then looks into his eyes and says,.

"Sandhya is your mother, and your daughter is dearer to her than life itself; she will not let any wrong person come near our lovely Aashi without thinking; remember this also.”

Digvijay immediately goes out of the room, and slowly, one by one, all the bodyguards leave from there. Parakram sits there, takes out his cigarette, and sits in deep thought.


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