Chapter 8

Sandhya takes Aashi in her lap and starts sitting in the car, but her eyes go to the bodyguard's car, where Parakram is already sitting. She knows all the actions of her son very well, so she lightly shakes her head because of his regular suspicion and starts sitting in the car. She knows very well that he will not trust anyone until he sees his suspicions as completely useless. Therefore, it is better that today he sees that innocent girl and how she loves Aashi very much without any demands and takes utmost care of her.

Armaan and Parakram are in the same car, and Armaan can clearly see from the expression on Parakram's face that he is very angry and also a little bit spontaneous due to what he says.

“Sir, once we see the girl, it is not a big deal to get any information about her. Don't worry at all; no one can do anything to Aashi.”

You know very well that no one can cut even an inch of Aashi's hair. I want to see who other than me has become so important in my daughter's life and whom she is so eager to meet.”

Armaan can clearly feel Parakram's jealousy at these words, due to which he immediately starts looking outside so that Parakram does not see him smiling even slightly.

Soon the car stops in front of the temple, and Parakram's eyes fall on the girl standing waiting for the car, who came and stood in front of the car as soon as it stopped. He is not able to see her face properly because there is a long dupatta on her face. Due to this, her face is covered to a great extent, and he is not in front of her. As soon as Aashi comes out of the car, she immediately jumps into her arms and clings to her.

Avi immediately takes her into her arms and hugs her. Aashi immediately starts telling her many things, which she is listening to now. Parakram is constantly keeping an eye on Avi but is unable to see her face at all. He signals Armaan to go outside and see everything very clearly.

Armaan immediately comes out and inspects the situation very well and takes a photo of Avi, which does not shoot her face properly, only from her forehead to her nose, and immediately sends this photo to Parakram. As soon as he saw this, he kept looking at these eyes for a few moments, but immediately looking ahead, he looked towards his mother, who was smiling and talking to the girl. After that, everyone went to the temple. Parakram is sitting in the car watching them because he knows very well that Arman and his men are constantly after them.

After they go to the temple, Parakram comes out very comfortably, hiding his face so that everyone recognizes him here; hence, he does not want anyone to recognize him because he has to take care of his daughter in any case. There is concern about her safety, so he cannot depend only on his bodyguards.

Avi and Aashi sit in a very good place with many bodyguards, and Sandhya starts her parikrama. Parakram sits at a distance and can listen to both of them very comfortably. Aashi is so engaged with Avi that she is not looking around. The bodyguards have formed a nice circle around her, but they have realized that Parakram has come there, so they move a little to the side and let him see them.

Parakram is right in front, and for the first time, he looks at Avi's face. Her hair hides most of her face, but he has a good idea that this girl is very beautiful. He doesn't care much about her beauty, but his eyes immediately go to his daughter, who is currently listening to Avi,who is singing very sweet rhymes to make her learn.

Aashi is only looking at Avi's face with her small eyes. Parakram turns his face to the other side and smirks because he knows very well that Aashi has no interest in studying yet. Avi sings the rhyme in front of her two to three times, and then asks Aashi to start singing along with her. And the way Aashi immediately listens to her words and starts singing along with her—this is a very surprising thing for Parakram, but he is very happy to hear the rhyme in a melodious voice from his daughter's mouth. His mood has completely changed, and he is smiling lightly.

After repeating the rhyme in the same manner a few times, Avi becomes silent and wants to listen to Aashi's rhyme, and Parakram is very surprised to see and hear that Aashi recites that rhyme very well without stopping. Due to this, Avi happily hugs her, kisses her forehead, and puts a tiara on her forehead.

"Here, this is for my princess... My doll will appear even more aesthetically pleasing when adorned with these flowers, as she is already quite attractive.”

Parakram's smile disappears again because of her pronunciation, her way to deliver English with very clarity, her words indicating that she is highly educated, her words do not match her appearance, she looks very simple in clothes, but as much as he can understand from her speech, she is a very well educated girl.

Various kinds of doubts are beginning to surround his heart and mind as to whether some other gang has planted her to cause harm to her daughter. Meanwhile, Aashi starts getting her hair styled again with flowers. And the way Avi is doing all this work with the utmost love and care in her hair, it is also not able to escape from his eyes. He has also seen the nannies at his house doing their work, and here she is. The way she is handling his princess with great love is very commendable.

Parakram was noticing everything very well the whole time, and Sandhya had also completed her round; hence, she came to both of them smiling.

“So did your student learn anything today, or did she just trouble you?"

Avi just bowed down lightly, and nothing special was said. It is a bit surprising for Parakram because some time ago she was talking to his daughter a lot, and now she has become completely silent. Meanwhile, Vishnu and Padma also come there.

“Madam, yesterday Avi told me that you have a lot of pain in your feet... We kept some herbs boiled in mustard oil for you, and it would be good for you to ask any of your servants to massage your feet properly with it.”

Parakram knows both of them very well because both of them were always present there with flowers whenever they came to the temple.

Aashi knows that now they are going to leave, so she immediately spreads her hands, and Aashi immediately picks her up in her lap. Parakram can see her face much better at this time because he is sitting down and Avi has taken Aashi into her arms while standing, due to which she is talking to her very nicely by raising her scarf a little. Seeing her face, Parakram's eyes are stuck towards her.

Avi, smiling, moves with everyone and starts descending the stairs along with everyone else, and Parakram also gets up from his place, but suddenly there is a stampede there, and before anyone can understand anything, some people stand in front of Sandhya with guns. Sandhya was at the front; just behind her was Avii, along with Aashi, and all the other bodyguards, Vishnu and Padma, were coming behind them. Sandhya's eyes widen suddenly; she doesn't care about her life at all. She screams loudly.


Suddenly, bullets start firing there.

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