Armaan is coming to Parakram smiling because the kind of expression on his face is worth seeing. Sandhya has slowly started coming down the stairs; Avi is behind her with Aashi in her lap, and bodyguards are walking around them.

As soon as those people moved ahead, Parakram and Armaan started following them, and suddenly they saw some people with guns in front of them, on seeing which both of them immediately became alert. Parakram did not have any weapons with him at this time because he was completely unprepared for the situation and had no idea that those people could be attacked in the temple as well. Parakram only hears his mother's screams.

“Avi saves Aashi.”

His eyes immediately go to his daughter. Meanwhile, all his bodyguards and Armaan have taken positions, and the attack from the front has also started.

As soon as Avi saw the people pointing the gun, she was most worried about Aashi, so she completely hid her in her arms and immediately turned around, but as soon as the bullets started firing, Avi got shot in her leg.

Sandhya has been struggling with such situations since her childhood, as she belongs to a mafia family, so she knows how to save herself very well. She sat down as soon as the bullets were fired because she knew that Avi would not let anything happen to Aashi, and as per her expectation, Aashi is completely hidden in Avi's arms.

"Avi run…”

Sandhya sits down and screams loudly while checking on her granddaughter, then runs downstairs to catch those people. By then, Parakram has also caught hold of Armaan's thrown gun, and both of them start moving forward while continuously firing the gun. Avi goes towards the temple with her injured leg and starts running back towards it.

Whether they are more or less, it is very difficult for them to compete with Arman and Parakram; both of them do not want to kill any of them, so they immediately want to surround them with their men and capture them.




Avi tightly hides Aashi in her arms and runs upstairs in the temple. She turns and suddenly sees that two men have passed right by her, firing guns on those who are firing on Sandhya. ARE THEY HER BODYGUARDS?

She looked back at Armaan, who was looking back at her, and signaled her with his hands to run away from there. Suddenly, her long scarf snatched away from her. She didn't bother herself to check on the person but kept running. Avi doesn't know who he is, but she definitely knows that she has to save Aashi at some cost. With the first shot, there was a huge stampede, due to which no one was visible in the temple; even Vishnu and Padma were not visible anywhere.

She is in a lot of pain, but she just keeps running with a limping leg while holding Aashi tightly, and she doesn't even know where she is going. Aashi is very scared of all these things, so she starts crying while hugging her tightly.

"No, my child, there is no need to cry... I won't let anything happen to you."

Avi has reached the other end of the temple, running from where there are many stairs going down. She has never gone down from here, nor does she have any idea that the stairs end somewhere else; she only knows this. There is a little life in her arms, and her life depends on her alone. She endures the pain and starts descending the stairs with her limping legs.




Parakram points his gun in front and starts shooting them, and Avi immediately starts running upstairs, carrying Aashi in her arms tightly, and he has realized that Avi has been shot, which he does not want at all. He knows that she might drop his daughter, so he moves his hand towards her to catch her. All his attention is in front of them so that he does not kill them even by mistake, because now he will be able to torment them every moment by not giving them the easy punishment of death.

He wants to pull his daughter from Avi's arms and take her to him, but Avi suddenly runs away from there, due to which he has nothing in his hand except her dupatta. She runs away from there quickly and bravely. His eyes fall on the blood lying on the stairs, and then, first of all, on his mother, who is trying to catch two people running ahead, but they have pointed guns at her, due to which she was about to get a shot. He hits one in the middle of the forehead and hits the gun on the other; as a result, his hand is badly injured.

Sandhya is rapidly moving downward, but a man's bullet touches her forearm, and she falls down there. Before anyone else can attack her, more bullets start firing continuously. Sandhya closes her ears and sits there with her eyes closed because she knows that now Parakram will not leave anyone alive. He is not concerned about who has gotten the attack done and who has not. Now he is only concerned about the fact that his mother has been injured.

One by one, all the men are killed there, and no one survives except one man, who is deliberately left behind by being shot in his legs and who cries even more in pain after seeing Parakram moving towards him like a predator because he has heard about him very well and how much he likes to give a painful death if someone of his own gets injured because of someone.

Parakram first sees his mother, and as soon as he sees her, the expression in his eyes changes completely. He immediately takes care of her well. Sandhya knows very well that Parakram may be a very dangerous man, not only for the world but also for his family. He is a very loving and fearful person who gets completely upset at the slightest problem of any of his family members. She lovingly says:.

"I am alright... Aashi.”

Everyone turns and looks towards the stairs of the temple. Neither Aashi nor Avi are there. He looks at Armaan, and he understands his signal very well that this man has to be taken away from his eyes at this time.




Avi is in a very bad state of pain, but saving Ashi is the biggest task for her at this time. Despite being so badly injured, she crossed all the stairs in a few minutes, carrying Aashi, and now, managing to hide herself under the stairs, she quickly hides in the very hollow space of the stairs with Aashi clutching her chest.

“Avu… I am afraid."

“There is no need to be afraid at all; you are very brave, and brave children are never afraid. I am here with brave Ashu; nothing will happen to you.”

A small girl has the very loving embrace of a mother when she is scared; she just clings to her and hides her face. Avi takes a very sharp stone in her hands so that if anyone comes here by mistake, she saves Aashi as long as she can. She doesn't know who these people were or what happened there. Of course, she is afraid, but she has to be brave.

She lovingly kisses Aashi's head, and suddenly she hears the sound of many footsteps. She hugs Aashi tightly to her chest and holds tightly to the stone. Everyone has come there and is searching all around. Parakram knows very well that Aashi is scared, and on hearing any loud noise, she will be even more scared. That is why he is not calling her in a loud voice at all and wants to find her as soon as possible and hug her to his chest so that his daughter's fear is completely eliminated.

He is trying to find his daughter by moving his eyes quickly here and there, when suddenly he hears a movement behind him. Before he can turn fully, something very sharply pricks in his neck. To stop the prick, he grabs the hand of the person, and then he sees the person holding her daughter close to her chest and attacking him with the other hand. Aashi has hidden her face well in Avi's neck, so he calls Aashi very lovingly.


Hearing her father's loving call, Aashi quickly turns to look at him and spreads her arms towards him, crying very loudly.


Parakram quickly takes his daughter and points his gun at Avi, then shoots.

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