Avi hears movement around her; all she knows is that how could someone come there so soon looking for them? Was someone following them? To kill Aashi, she hugs Aashi tightly to herself and whispers this into her ears as she clings to her and cries lightly.

"Don't cry, baby."

Aashi also stops crying while holding her tightly, and Avi holds the sharp stone so tightly that her own hand starts bleeding. Then Avi realizes that a very tall man is standing right in front of them. She has to immediately run away from that man; otherwise, Aashi's life is in danger.

She stands, holding the stone tightly, and immediately attacks the man's neck with it. The stone pierced the man's neck, but the man was much faster than she expected, and he immediately caught hold of her hand.

Parakram turns towards her angrily, and at this time, Aashi also turns to look, and as soon as she sees her father, she spreads her arms towards him, crying loudly, and calls him in her crying voice.


Avi immediately realizes that he is Aashi's father, and she gives her a very safe embrace as she feels like she might faint at any moment as the pain is too much for her to bear. Hold her head, and she sits in front.

She has no idea that Parakram has pointed his gun at her and is about to shoot at her. She is just trying to bear the pain by holding her leg tight, which is unbearable now. She is totally unaware of what is happening; it is becoming dark before her eyes.

Parakram immediately presses the trigger. The sound of the bullet echoes all around, and at this moment she falls to the ground, but Aashi holds him tightly. He realizes that he is holding her daughter. He looked towards the front, and his mother was looking at him angrily. She went to the spot and removed his hand from Avi when a bullet fired, his hand up to the sky.

"You've gone completely crazy. Do you even realize what you're doing? This girl saved your daughter's life."

"I told you to go to the hospital with Armaan; what are you doing here?”

Both mother and son are talking to each other when Aashi's eyes fall on Avi, who is lying unconscious on the ground.


Both Parakram and Sandhya first look at Aashi and then at Avi, who is unconscious on the ground. Sandhya immediately sits near Avi, starts checking her, and immediately shouts at Armaan.

"You are so blind that you can't see that this girl needs to be taken to the hospital right now.”

"Papa, leave me."

Aashi starts moving her legs vigorously and starts moving her father away from her so that she can go near Avi. Parakram does not like this at all, but he cannot do anything, so he leaves Aashi on the ground. As soon as Aashi drops to the rocky ground, she immediately comes to Avi while calling her loudly. Parakram's eyes are only on his daughter, who has loved this unknown girl so much in her heart that he cannot see anything else except this girl.


Armaan is looking at Parakram, whose anger is clearly visible to him; neither Sandhya nor Parakram know how to act in this situation, but his eyes are on Aashi at this time. Who is crying, seeing Avi in this situation?

“Avu… Avu…"

Armaan is completely blank as to what to do, so he starts looking towards Parakram. He cannot see Aashi crying like this. Parakram clenches his teeth and then comes to the girl and immediately holds her in his arms, like carrying a sack, because he has no sympathy for anyone in his heart. He has no idea that by lifting her like this, the injured girl may face some other problems. He only knows that because of this girl, his daughter is crying at this time.

Armaan immediately takes Aashi in his lap very lovingly, and Ashi keeps crying and calling out for Avi.

"Avu… avu…”

Parakram is seeing Avi's face very well, and his anger is at its peak at this time. He is hearing only the conversation of Armaan coming behind and his daughter; he has completely forgotten the rest of the things.


"Aashi, stop crying at all. Look, your father is taking your Avu to the hospital, where the doctor uncle treats her, and nothing can happen to your Avu if your superhero is here.”

Parakram angrily turns and looks at Armaan because he knows very well that he will not leave this girl so easily, so why is he telling these lies to his daughter? Armaan keeps his eyes down and moves ahead with Aashi.




Digvijay is sitting very angry in front of Sandhya in the hospital ward because he has clearly refused that there is no need for her to go to the temple every day, but Sandhya did not listen to his words at all, and today this attack seems to be that someone was keeping an eye on them. Aashi has fallen asleep, crying continuously, and Parakram is sitting with his daughter in his lap.

"You wouldn't even realize that someone was constantly keeping an eye on you.”

"Digvijay, at this time, me and my granddaughter are absolutely fine, and all this has happened because of Avi. I just want that there should not be any negligence in her treatment."

Parakram, who was silent for a long time because of his daughter, silently makes her lie down near Sandhya, stands in front of her, and starts staring at her. Sandhya knows the meaning of his eyes very well, and she tells him.

"I have seen the world and am so sure that the girl is not behind this attack. You are unnecessarily doubting the girl. Suspiciousness has become your habit. I don't understand why these days you look at everything with suspicion. After all, what is happening to you, I do not understand; after Divya's death, you do not look at it with suspicion.”

"Because everything is not exactly what it seems; people take advantage of you anytime; they fake innocence and take you to such a place that it becomes difficult for you to even look back.”

Both of them start looking at him because they don't understand what he wants to say. He turns and comes out. Armaan is currently standing with Vishnu and Padma, who are very sad because of her injury, but he is talking to them. He did not look at either of them at all because, at this moment, it was most important to handle the person who was left alive, so he immediately left from there.




Parakram's men have beaten that boy a lot, but he is constantly refusing to say anything. As soon as Parakram comes in front, his blood dries up because of fear. He knows that his death is certain, and he cannot understand what he should do to save himself, but Parakram quickly takes the sword without any delay, strikes hard at his hand, and cuts off his palm from his hand in one stroke.


"Who sent you? "Quickly otherwise, I will find out information about your entire house and will kill every person present in your house right now in front of you."

"Aarif Khan…."

The boy takes his master's name without any delay because he knows that death is about timing, but if he delays too much, the painful death he will get will be worse than many deaths.

"Aarif Khan, my old enemy..."

"Ever since you came to India, we have been asked to keep an eye on you so that you could be killed as soon as we get a chance. Today, when you were seen going to the temple, a decision was taken to kill you in the temple itself...."

"Hmmm... But you failed.... And I hate failures...."

Parakram, without any delay, inserts the sword into his heart, and the boy's life will go away in no time from his body. and tells Armaan, while cleaning the blood from his face,

"Find out if this girl has any relation to Arif Khan..."

"There is no relationship between them."

Parakram immediately turns towards Armaan, and Armaan shows him the photo of the girl, which he has taken on his mobile.

"First of all, I put the photo of this girl on the net so that if she has any social accounts, then we can know about her. Her name is AVISHKA SINHA.... assistant professor of English literature at Guwahati University. Just this information is available on the internet at this time. And from what Padma and Vishnu have told me, this girl is probably in some trouble.”

Parakram turns and starts staring at him. He quickly starts telling him everything he knows from Vishnu and Padma.

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