Parakram is staring at Avishka, but she cannot feel his stare because she is unconscious and is currently lying on the hospital bed with Aashi sleeping nearby in her arms.


Parakram is driving the car very fast, and Arman, sitting nearby, is telling him all the things that Vishnu and Padma have told him till now and is continuously asking him to leave Avishka because that girl is too much. She is troubled, and in such a situation, both of them do not want any more trouble in her life.

"Sir, although I have sent many of my men to Guwahati to know more about this girl, after knowing everything, I feel that this girl is neither a threat to our Aashi nor is it. She just met her randomly, and they both like each other very much.”

"I have no interest in any nonsense; don't you think that he saved my daughter in such a nice way, took her away, and at the same time suddenly attacked me?"

"Sir,I am telling you that you should once look at her social media account, which has not been active at all for the last 2 years, but some of its information will give you answers to many of your questions."

"Shut up…"

He jerks his car, and as soon as he takes the first step out, he hears his daughter crying loudly, which is enough to add to his distress. He runs inside and sees that Aashi has been crying for a long time because her condition is very bad.



She runs to her father. Parakram's eyes are on the three nannies who could not stop his daughter from crying. He hugs her to comfort her, but she starts crying even more. Her hiccups clearly show that she is crying a lot. The nanny tells him with her head bowed.

"Sir, Madam will have to stay in the hospital; that is why Digvijay sir did not come here. He called us to the hospital and asked us to take Aashi. We also brought her, but as soon as she woke up from sleep, she started crying continuously. Neither has she yet even a drop of water nor anything ready to eat.”

"Aashi, my love..."

“Papa, my Avu is hurt; she is bleeding a lot; I have to go to her.”

"You are not going to anyone; you will stay here with Papa.”

"Papa, I just have to go to Avu.”

"Let us eat something first, and then we'll talk about it.”

Parakram is not liking his daughter's inclination towards Avishka at all, so he wants to end this matter by any means and wants to feed his daughter by engaging her in his words, but perhaps this time it is a more difficult task.

"No, no, I want to see Avi. Just go to the hospital."

"Aashi, listen, my love.”



Parakram is very upset due to the attack, and at the same time, he is afraid for his daughter. In such a situation, his daughter is constantly insisting on meeting a stranger, due to which he loses his temper a little. He shouts loudly at his daughter; she gets very scared and starts crying even more loudly. As a result, Armaan immediately comes to Parakram and forcefully takes her from Parakram's arms, and Aashi wraps her arms around his neck. She starts crying even more loudly. Aashi's crying voice starts resonating throughout the house.

Parakram tries to calm himself by holding the bridge of his nose because he knows very well that it is evening time and Aashi has not eaten anything except breakfast in the morning because such a big accident could happen in the meantime. His mother is also in the hospital; he is worried about many things, and all of a sudden his anger gets directed at his beloved daughter. He starts coming to his daughter, but Aashi, seeing him, cries loudly and says this.

"I have to go to Avi; she is in a lot of pain, and I have to bandage her painful leg.”

"This is the doctor's job, not yours.”

"But Avu says that if I stay with her, then she will get well soon.”

"Avu, Avu, Avu, no one is yours now, so now you stop all this nonsense and go quietly and have dinner with Papa.”

Aashi knows that her dad is angry at her, so she gets down from Armaan's lap and runs towards the stairs, crying, so she can just go to her room because her dad is angry at her.

Parakram also keeps watching her go, but he is not ready to accept her insistence under any circumstances; hence, he feels that maybe after some time she will agree to his request.

After some time, Parakram slowly opens the door and looks inside to see what Aashi is doing, but she is crying, holding the tiara, which is no longer fresh. He closes his eyes tightly, and he feels as if he will have to accept defeat in front of his daughter's stubbornness. Armaan is standing behind him, and he tells him softly.

"Stubbornness is in her blood.”

Parakram stares at him, and Armaan walks away with his face down. Parakram comes inside and sits inside next to his daughter, who doesn't look at him at all. She hugs the tiara to her chest and silently lies down near her teddy bear. She has cried so much that now her condition has worsened due to crying, and she is not even able to cry properly. Parakram cannot see his daughter in this condition at all, so he tells her.

"Okay, first let us eat food and then go to the hospital.”

Aashi immediately sits and looks at her father very well; it is as if someone has poured lava on Parakram's chest when he sees his daughter's beautiful eyes so swollen because of crying. Aashi says, wiping her tears as she stands up and walks towards the door.

"We will go to the hospital and eat the same food there; I will not leave my Avu.”

Parakram keeps watching her go from there; he cannot believe at all that his daughter is so insistent on him for a stranger girl and is not even ready to listen to anything he says.

Parakram immediately comes to the hospital with Aashi, and before coming, he had called the hospital; hence, Avi has been shifted to the most expensive ward so that Aashi does not face any problems by staying there. The reason for the sudden change was that Vishnu and Padma were getting very worried due to this, but Armaan went there and took care of the whole matter very quickly. As soon as they reached there, Aashi just sat down, holding Avi's hand. Her father fed her very nicely, and immediately after eating the food, Aashi just laid down next to Avi, and within some time she fell asleep in her arms. According to the doctor, Avishka has lost a lot of blood, due to which she will be able to regain consciousness only tomorrow morning.


Vishnu and Padma have been forcibly sent home because Parakram himself is staying there, so they were afraid of staying there in his presence, but as the shift has been made, not many people can be accommodated there, so they have to go from here. It made no sense, but both of them did not feel like going home, so they both went to sleep on a bench outside the hospital.

Parakram's eyes are on Avishka, and Arman, sitting nearby, opens his laptop and displays Avi's Instagram and Facebook in front of him.

Parakram has no desire to know about the girl, but he knows very well that his daughter has come to this girl with great insistence; hence, it is very important for him to know about the girl. Immediately, he takes the laptop and starts reading those things. With some introduction of the girl, his eyes go to her hobbies and achievements.

I joined Scots at the age of 6 and love tracking with my Scots buddies.

black belt in martial arts

I love dancing and singing. I am so fond of reading books that even when I die, I want to die with a book in my hand.

Parakram immediately looks towards Avishka, keeps his eyes on her for a while, and checks her profile again.


As soon as he reads her married status, he turns and looks at Armaan and tells him.

"If the girl is married, then what is she doing here? Find out about her husband.”

"I have come to know about this girl's husband; he died about one and a half years ago, and the girl has been here since then... And the truth is that according to what my man told me after reaching Guwahati, this girl is dead along with her husband.”

Parakram's eyes now stop completely on Avishka, and his teeth start clenching very hard.

“Another cheater…”

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