It is 2:30 in the night, but sleep has completely disappeared from Parakram's eyes because his life does not matter to him. But today, when the attack happened, his little daughter was present. At that time, his mother was dearer than life. Many things were troubling him a lot, due to which his suspicion towards Avishka had deepened.

Armaan knows very well that it is very important to remove Parakram's doubts; otherwise, he can make Avishka's life hell in a few moments. For this reason, he wanted to introduce him to Padma and Vishnu himself, and as soon as he came out, he was shocked to find Padma and Vishnu there, so he called Parakram outside. Now he is interrogating them. Vishnu quickly answers.

"Sir, I have never seen that girl meeting anyone; she always stays at home; she is in front of our eyes; she never even wants to meet anyone; I know this much; I just bring flowers and give them to her; then she makes a garland of those flowers; and apart from this, she is just sitting on the bank of the river; how can you talk about her meeting anyone?"

"My daughter was there during that attack. Anything could have happened to her.”

"Exactly what you are saying is right; the attack was so big that anything could have happened to anyone. I could have been killed, my wife could have been killed, or even Avi could have been killed, but she did not care about herself but about your daughter. Whom she probably loved very much. I am not saying this just randomly; Aashi and Avi have a strange kind of bond. And not only do I say this, but everyone who has seen these two in the temple says that you are doubting that girl unnecessarily."

Parakram is very angry after hearing that his daughter is very infatuated with someone, which can be very harmful for them. So in his anger, before he could say anything, his phone started ringing, which belongs to the bodyguard who is currently outside Avishka's room, so that Aashi does not face any kind of problem.

"What happened…”

"Sir, I don’t know what has happened to the girl; something has happened suddenly, and Aashi has woken up and started crying.”

Parakram immediately runs inside, and seeing him running like this, Armaan also immediately runs behind him. Both Vishnu and Padma are very nervous. Both of them are so restless that they can neither keep it out nor go inside; everything is beyond their understanding.

As soon as Parakram comes inside, he sees Aashi crying loudly while holding Avi's hand. And right now, she is breathing very fast, like she is fighting for her breath, and all the doctors are trying to control her.

"What happened..."

"Sir, I think she will have a panic attack."

Parakram quickly takes Aashi into his lap and tries to push her away from Avishka, but as soon as he tries to push her away, Avishka holds Aashi's hand and starts looking at Aashi with her half-open eyes only. To free Aashi's hand, Parakram holds her hand and starts opening her fingers from her small wrist, but Avishka suddenly grabs Parakram's hand and starts biting her nails into his wrist.

Parakram immediately picks up his daughter with one hand and leaves the other hand in Avishka's hands. Due to her nails, blood has started coming out of his wrist, but he is not able to free his hand at all. From her half-open eyes, she is just looking at Aashi, and tears are flowing from her eyes.

Seeing the tears, Parakram, for some unknown reason, feels his heart melting for the first time, and Aashi, who was trying to get free from his embrace, loosens his grip, due to which she comes closer to Avishka and tells her while kissing her cheek.

"Avu, it hurts.”

Avishka's eyes are only on Aashi; Aashi kisses her again. The doctor, who has been trying to control her with injections and everything else for a long time, is also watching everything as Avishka's grip on Parakram's hand loosens. It seems Parakram releases his hand from her grip and starts looking at both of them very well. Aashi is smiling and trying to talk to Avishka.

"Avu, don’t be afraid. Aashu will not leave you and go anywhere.”

It seemed as if there was a lot of magic in these few words from Aashi. Avishka felt very relaxed and closed her eyes with a faint smile.

The doctor checks her very thoroughly and then starts talking to Parakram, who is looking at his daughter and has started listening to the doctor by standing at some distance.

"Maybe due to some past incident, she has had such a huge panic attack, but your daughter has had more effect on her mind than the medicine, so she has relaxed and slept again, and there is no need to panic, but this is what I am saying: she should not have such panic attacks again.”

The doctor leaves from there, and Parakram starts looking at his daughter, who has again made her place in Avishka's arms and is lying close to her, placing her hand on her chest, and patting her slowly as if trying to make her sleep. However, all this is very new for Parakram because Aashi never does anything like this. Parakram comes and sits in front of Aashi and says this to her while caressing her forehead.

"Aashi, what happened?"

"Avu was scared, so I was scared too."

Your father is here, so you don't need to be afraid."

"Will you protect my Avu too?"

Parakram has no answer to her innocent question at all, but he does not want to trouble his daughter with anything, so he smiles very lightly.

Aashi immediately smiles, due to which Parakram is also forced to smile more. After some time, Aashi falls asleep again. Parakram is looking at his daughter very well, and he is also looking at Avishka again and again. He doesn't want to believe anyone at all, but he doesn't know why, after seeing this girl, he feels like believing. He is very upset and is not able to sleep at all, due to which he wants to smoke cigarettes. He immediately goes outside the hospital, where Padma and Vishnu are still not asleep and are talking to each other.

Seeing both of them talking, he stands silently behind them while hiding himself properly because he is sure that something or the other will definitely come out of their mouth, which will be important for him.

"I feel that we should tell everything we know; at least that girl will not have to face any more trouble."

"I am not able to understand what to say. We have already told them that we found her unconscious on the banks of the river one and a half years ago... In a very bad condition."

"Why don't you tell them that when we took her to the hospital in a half-dead condition, the doctor told us that the girl had lost her child some time ago? ... Perhaps that is why she loves Aashi so much."

On hearing this, there is a strange movement in Parakram's heart; his heart starts beating vigorously, on which he suddenly places his hand. Padma says this while controlling her tears.

"I don't know how many of my children have seen them dying in the womb, one after the other... I have gone through this pain, so I can understand the pain of that girl. I had also asked her about her parents, but in her eyes, I saw nothing but tears. Only God knows what calamity she has gone through. And now the trouble is not ending here either.”

"The truth is that when she started meeting Aashi, I had told you that she is the daughter of Bundela Sir, and he would not like this at all, so keep Avi away, but God knows what happened between them. It is like a string where both are drawn towards each other."

Parakram cannot let his heart melt even more after listening to these things because he cannot believe anything just by listening to these people. He immediately sits in his chair, lights his cigarette, and closes his eyes.

"Don't melt yourself; this is just a deception, and deception is in the nature of these people."

He quickly takes out his phone and calls Armaan while smoking his second cigarette.

“Yes sir…”

"We should know every little thing about this girl because she has completely trapped my Aashi in her lie. My baby girl doesn't even want to listen to me; if there is anything about this girl, then let me know about every single thing. Find out whether it takes a month or two. I want every detail about this girl. EVERY... SINGLE... DETAIL... DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

He emphasized his last words very loudly, which already alerted Armaan, so he quickly answered.

"As you wish, sir..."

He turns on the CCTV installed in Avishka's room on his mobile and starts looking at his daughter carefully. His eyes are fixed on his daughter.

"It is not so easy to deceive me, and the day it is proven that you are a fraud, no one will be able to find even your nails... You have made a big mistake by implicating my daughter."

He completely finishes his cigarette and immediately comes back into the room with long strides because he cannot leave his daughter here alone at all. He is very tired from the morning rush, so he lies down on the sofa in front and turns his face towards his daughter, who is currently sleeping very comfortably in Avishka's arms, as if she were in his arms. All these things are making him very angry. At the same time, he is also being forced to think about why Aashi is so attracted to Avishka.

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