Chapter 13

Avishka starts regaining consciousness and also starts remembering how she was running with Aashi, and suddenly her father came there after she did not remember anything after giving Aashi a very safe embrace. Because everyone knows that, apart from a father, there is no safer place for a daughter.

She slowly starts opening her eyes when she realizes that there is someone else close to her. She then immediately opens her eyes and sees Aashi lying next to her, and immediately a wide smile appears on her dull face.

She wants to sit down quickly and take her in her arms, but she realizes that her legs are bandaged, and she is also feeling a lot of pain in her legs. She starts taking a good look at the room, which looks very luxurious and is also very big. Seeing Aashi sleeping near her, she is not able to understand a few things, and at this time both of them are in the room. No one is present except them. Her eyes quickly started searching for Padma and Vishnu.

Due to the absence of anyone there, she is feeling very nervous, but Aashi is sleeping very close to her; hence, she is afraid of her waking up.

The whole thing is not at all beyond her understanding because she has understood very well that Padma and Vishnu cannot afford the room in which she is staying, and in such a situation, having Aashi near her also helps her a lot to understand. Showing whether all this was done by Sandhya.

She is completely lost in her thoughts when suddenly the door opens. She immediately looks towards the door, and a slight smile appears on her face because Padma is standing in front of her, smiling, and seeing her awake like this, Padma is happily shocked. She immediately comes near her, takes her in her arms, kisses her forehead while controlling her tears, and tells her.

"I was so scared that I couldn't sleep for a moment, and most of all, I couldn't understand how to leave you in the hospital. But the hospital staff were repeatedly telling us that they could not let anyone stay here, so we should go home. I have just forcibly sent your uncle home so that he can take care of the house a little; otherwise, he was also very worried about you."

Avishka is very happy to see her, which perhaps she cannot express in words at this moment. She is just holding her hand and smiling softly. Padma looks at her carefully. She is currently in hospital clothes, and she knows very well that she often hides her face too, so she tells her while taking out her dupatta from her bag.

"Shraddha mam and her husband are coming to meet you shortly. I just saw Aashi's father; he is very angry. Maybe he will also come to meet you."

Hearing these words, Avishka tries hard on her mind, and then she clearly sees an angry man turning towards her when she hits him on the neck with a stone. She knows very well that she hit him very hard. And suddenly he had caught her hand and turned around to stare at her with his angry red eyes, due to which she got scared for a few moments, but saving Aashi was the first task for her, and hence she was going to attack him again. It was during this time that Aashi saw him and shouted, Papa.

She remembers the blurred image of the man very well. Aashi suddenly wakes up after hearing the things happening there, and seeing Avishka awake, she immediately smiles and wraps both her arms around her neck.


As if Avishka has suddenly forgotten everything, she takes her in her arms and makes her lie down on her chest quickly, caressing her hair while smiling and kissing her face.

The door is open, due to which Parakram is standing outside, watching all this very comfortably. After coming into a very motherly embrace, Aashi kisses Avishka's face very happily, and with this happiness, Avishka too continues kissing her. She immediately tries to sit, which causes a lot of pain, but after sitting, she first checks Aashi very well, due to which Parakram narrows his eyes and starts looking at her very well. Avishka asks Aashi.

"You weren't hurt; no one did anything to my princess."

"Avu, she is very forgetful. I was not hurt; Avu was hurt."

As soon as Aashi says this, she hides her mouth with her small hands and starts laughing, due to which Padma also starts smiling along with her, and Avishka cannot hide her smiling too. Parakram starts coming inside with his hands in the pockets of his pants, and his sharp eyes are stuck only on Aashi and Avishka. Seeing both of them laugh like this, he is especially noticing Avishka very well.

Hearing the footsteps, Avishka's face immediately turns towards the door, where she senses a man coming, due to which she immediately takes the scarf from Padma's hands, puts it on her head, and almost covers her face. Seeing that she starts trying to hide herself, Parakram starts looking at her and mentally laughs at her acting.

Who can be so stupid that she doesn't even know that she has been unconscious here for hours and how many people might have seen her, whether she is fooling herself or fooling others?

Padma gets a bit nervous seeing him come there, due to which she holds Avishka's hand very well. Avishka can feel the vibration in her hands, due to which her face turns towards her, but after feeling a heated gaze, she is looking only at Parakram.

Parakram is standing there and wants to ask a lot of things to Avishka, but he knows very well that Aashi is present here, so it will be difficult to do all this, but he controls himself before saying anything. Shraddha and Digvijay have wanted to meet Avishka since yesterday, but on Digvijay's request, Shraddha has somehow stopped herself, but today she is not ready to stop herself in any way. because in her eyes, the value of Avishka has increased a lot because she has saved the life of her only granddaughter without caring about her own life.

“Avi, how are you, child?"

And as per her habit, Avishka answers her only by nodding her head, which is a bit strange for Parakram because she was talking to Aashi some time ago; she answers everything Aashi says but no one else. She doesn't respond with her words at all. Parakram's eyes are just staring at Avishka continuously. Shraddha says it smilingly.

"I heard that Aashi was not at all ready to stay at home without you, so her father had to bring her here at night and stay here."

Parakram, who is in front of Avishka, suddenly looks at Parakram, who was looking at her. The expressions on his face tell her very well that he is not very happy with these things, due to which he is staring at her, and his angry eyes are very scary for anyone. She immediately bows down, looks at Ashi, and smiles softly.

Parakram has somehow spent the night here because he cannot do anything in front of his daughter, but now he does not want to spend another moment here, so he says to his daughter while staring at Avishka.

"Aashi, we should go home now; it's too late."

"I don't want to go home at all. I have to stay with my Avu. I won't go home until Avu goes home."

"You have become very stubborn about everything; I am not going to accept any of your insistence anymore.”

Parakram says all this in a very loud voice, due to which Avishka also gets nervous, whereas Aashi starts crying very loudly after hearing such scolding from her father, due to which Digvijay immediately takes his granddaughter in his lap and stares at his son, who does not want to give any kind of answer to his father, he is very upset because of his daughter. He immediately starts looking outside the window. Digvijay looks at his granddaughter very nicely and tries to calm her down, but because of the unnecessary scolding from her father, she is crying continuously. Parakram is controlling himself very well because his daughter's crying is always very painful for him, and he doesn't want to bear it at any cost, but here he himself is helpless because Aashi is not ready to listen to anything he says. He keeps listening to his daughter's crying for 2 minutes, and when it becomes unbearable for him, he immediately comes near her and takes her in his arms.

"I obeyed you and brought you to the hospital; now you should also obey me."

"I want to be with Avu."

"This cannot happen at all; now you will not insist on anything like this.”

"You are a bad papa; you don't listen to anything I say... I don't want to be with you... You are very bad."

This is the first time that Aashi has said something that no one expected. Avishka immediately looks at Aashi. Aashi extends her arms towards her so that she immediately takes her from her father, but he is very angry. She is not doing this at all because he is drilling holes in her with his angry eyes, and after hearing something like this from his daughter, Parakram has started staring at Avishka a lot at this time, which is scaring anyone. Everyone present in the room has understood the level of Parakram's anger.

Her heartbeat has become very fast after seeing these eyes. She feels like she should somehow hide herself from these eyes because she neither wants to look at them nor does she want to come in front of them. She just somehow turns her face away because neither she is able to say anything nor is she able to get out of this situation. Aashi immediately falls into her arms, and she just takes her in her arms and hides herself away from him. But then Shardha's voice echoes there.

"Avi will always be with us now.”

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