Chapter 14


Parakram is lying on the bed, and his entire focus is on what his mother said and what happened in the hospital. He is in a very awkward state at the moment and is just looking at the ceiling.

Just then the door of his room opens softly, and he realizes very well that Aashi is peeping inside the room, but he deliberately does not turn to look at her because this act of her peeping is making him laugh a lot. If he is unnecessarily laughing, give her strength to disobey him every time. As he didn't like whatever she said in the hospital.

Aashi quickly comes into the room, rests both her elbows on the bed, places her face in her small hands, and starts looking at her father. Parakram immediately turns and looks at her. Seeing her, it is clear that she has just taken a bath, and the towel is still tied in her hair.

He immediately takes her in his arms, sits on his lap, starts caressing her hair gently, and tells her.

“After bathing, you should quickly dry your hair because you may catch a cold.”

"If that aunty wipes my hair properly, my hair gets pulled.”

Parakram looks at her hair very lovingly, which reminds him of Divya because her hair was very curly, and Aashi's hair is also very curly, but he immediately removes all the thoughts and looks at Aashi with a smile. He knows very well that due to Aashi's curly hair, they often get tangled, and when they are untangled, Aashi feels a lot of pain. She also starts crying. Aashi is constantly looking at her father with her small eyes, due to which he starts looking at her. Aashi immediately tells her father.

"I am sorry."

Parakram smiles lightly and asks his daughter while kissing her forehead.

"Have you had your meal?"

She shakes her head and refuses, due to which Parakram immediately asks on the intercom to bring her food, but Aashi snatches the phone and says to the staff.

"Bring Papa’s food along with Aashi’s food; Aashi will eat with Papa.”

It seems as if Parakram has forgotten all his anger and is just looking at his daughter with a wide smile. He immediately goes and sits on the coach, carrying her in his arms, and within a few minutes, food is to be served in front of both of them. While lovingly feeding her, he also eats food. Aashi is continuously looking at him. Parakram knows very well the reason behind her looking at him; hence, he tells her very lovingly.

"It's okay... I'm not angry with you at all.”

Aashi comes to him with a smile, spreads her arms to hug him, and says so very lovingly while kissing his cheek.

"If you are not angry with me, will you take Ashu to Avu?"

Parakram knew very well that this was going to happen, but this time he is very well prepared for this thing because of the way his mother has explained it to him. He will have to keep some things in mind, so he keeps his head nodding softly and earns a very sweet smile and lots of kisses from his daughter.

Aashi becomes very happy, and by the time half of the roti is finished, she starts yawning. Parakram knows very well that Aashi has a habit of sleeping during the afternoon, so he immediately finishes the food, takes her in his arms, and goes to bed. He lies down because he also did not sleep properly at night, so it is important for him to sleep too, but his entire attention is on his mother's words and everything that happened in the hospital.


“What did you want to say to that girl there? You know very well that I want to keep my daughter away from all these things, and you are saying that that girl will never stay away from Aashi. Do you understand the meaning of this? Can you…”

“I have not said anything so big that you are not able to understand its meaning. I want Avi to become Aashi's nanny because she is very comfortable with her, and I feel that when both of them are close to each other, why should I depend on other nannies when our Aashi cannot be handled by them?"

Digvijay is sitting silently and listening to the argument between these two mothers and sons, and he knows very well that Shraddha is not saying anything wrong here, but it is in their nature not to trust any stranger, due to which he is continuously looking at his son, who is suspicious about a new girl.

"Mom, she is a stranger.”

"Your nanny also used to be a stranger until she became Aashi's nanny and started serving her at home. The way you interview her, you can definitely take Avi's too. I have not forbidden you, but I am quite fond of it. In most cases, Avi seems to be better than our hired nanny because she takes care of everything about Aashi, Aashi is comfortable with her in everything, she also listens to all her words, and the most important thing is that now Ashi is gradually having to learn to read and write, even though none of the nannies have been able to teach her even a single alphabet. You yourself know her very well. You try to teach her to read, even though she doesn't read with you, and as far as I can see, I am finding that Avi has learned a lot while handling Aashi very well.”

“I would hire a better teacher, but I can't trust just any unknown person.”

He immediately leaves the room and wants to go home with Aashi. At this time, Aashi is with Aviksha, due to which he comes towards her room, and suddenly, after hearing their conversation, he stands outside.

"Aashi is not a good child at all because she doesn't listen to her father at all.”

"Papa was not listening to Aashi.”

"What did you always tell me that your father is a superhero? He listens to all your words, listens to you with a smile, and accepts all your insistences. So if he has not listened to any of your words, then it must be something like this, which is not acceptable. Every father loves his daughter very much. And Aashi's father loves her very much, but what did Aashi do? She called her father bad. You can imagine how bad your father would have felt."

Parakram starts looking at Aashi's face very well, due to which he realizes very well that she is understanding her words very well. After hearing this, she also becomes a little sad, due to which Parakram starts feeling sad too. He is not feeling good, but he is forced to look at Avishka.

"Papa is angry with me.”

"Papa must be angry with you because you said the wrong thing.”

"So what should I do so that Papa does not get angry with me?”

"Just do this; accept whatever Papa is saying; it is not a big deal.”

“But Papa will take me home, away from Avu.”

Suddenly, Avishka has tears in her eyes after hearing this, but she immediately wipes them away. Parakram can see all this very well, and she immediately kisses Aashi's forehead and tries to smile and tell her.

"Still, Aashi should only obey her father because he loves her the most in the world... Every girl is a little angel for her father, for whom he dreams a lot, and daughters are very precious to every father.”

In this sentence, Parakram can feel a hidden pain very well. He comes inside with slow steps, due to which Aviksha sits quietly, keeping her scarf on her forehead. Aashi also looks towards her father, who is looking at her. She looks towards Avishka, who does not say anything to her. She immediately spreads her arms so that her father can take her on his lap.

Parakram also takes Aashi into his lap without any delay, and without exchanging a single word, he immediately turns and starts taking Aashi away from there. He realizes very well that Aashi is shaking his little hand and taking leave from Avishka.


Parakram smiles and kisses his daughter's forehead, and he is forced to think about Avishka's words while remembering them for a long time and finally drift into slumber.

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