Chapter 15

Parakram is sitting in the front and watching. Aashi is not ready to get her hair combed by anyone because whenever someone starts combing her hair, they pull them too much, which causes a lot of pain to her, due to which she doesn't even like getting her hair combed. He is taking a very good look at each nanny who is unable to make her agree to combing her hair.

Aashi is running quickly here and there, and all three nannies are running behind her, which in itself is forcing Parakram to laugh, but he is liking his daughter’s mischievousness very much, due to which he doesn't want to keep her away from his sight even for a moment.

When Aashi starts getting tired, she immediately runs to her father, clings to his arms, and hides herself well from her three nannies. Parakram starts staring at all three because no one can catch her. Unable to get her hair combed, he looks lovingly at his daughter, who starts looking at him with small tears in her eyes because she can already feel the pain that pulling her hair is going to cause her.

“Okay… No one will comb your hair; there is no need for you to cry at all.”

On hearing this, Aashi immediately starts smiling. Parakram never takes this task in his own hands because he himself is afraid of causing pain to his daughter, but he knows very well that Aashi's hair is very thick, long, and curly, and it is very important to comb it carefully because Aashi likes long hair much more than now.

"But what to do with your hair now?"

"Avu takes care of my hair very lovingly; I will tell her she will do everything; we are going there, right?”

This is the fourth time that Aashi is asking him after completing her afternoon sleep, and the truth is that he is neither able to answer her nor understand her completely; now he is completely tired and defeated. He puts a condition on hold quickly.

"Okay, let us go to the hospital, and as you say, your hair will comb your Avu, but I want to tell you that we will not stay in the hospital tonight under any circumstances.”

“Then we will be back from the hospital quite late.”

"Why are you always so stubborn?”

"Because I know very well that you will agree with me.”

"You know you're becoming too stubborn.”

"Grandmother was also telling me the same thing; I have become very stubborn, just like my stubborn father.”

On hearing this, Parakram himself laughs very loudly. He shakes his head and takes her to her room, keeps some of her few essential things in a small bag, carries her again in his lap, and comes back and gives orders to the staff.

"If you send mom's dinner, send our food there also.”

"For Avu, too."

Parakram immediately starts looking at her. It is not that he has a problem with feeding someone, but the way Aashi is taking care of Avishka's small needs all the time is making him think about it a lot again and again. He turns to the staff and tells them again.

"There are three more people there; they should also have good food.”

As soon as Parakram says this to the staff in a very easy way, Aashi happily kisses her father's cheek, which is expressing her happiness very well. Parakram looks very good on this 3-year-old girl. She seems to be much wiser in herself, as she does not hold back in expressing her feelings towards an injured girl.




Aashi runs into the room, and seeing her, the smile on Avishka's face is worth seeing. Padma and Vishnu also start smiling after seeing her, and Vishnu immediately picks her up and makes her sit near Avishka.


Parakram is standing outside and is watching everything very well. Aashi calls her with so much love and affection and immediately hugs her. It is worth showing their bond, which he is denying. He can also see the smiling face of Avishka, on which there is no special trace of any lie.

After hugging her nicely, Avishka starts caressing her hair and asking her a few things, and Parakram narrows his eyes even more and starts watching this action of hers very well. Aashi immediately gives her the small bag hanging on her shoulders, in which perhaps she has brought something especially for her hair, like a comb or her favorite butterfly hair pins, which Avishka immediately checks and makes her sit in front of her and start combing her hair very lovingly.

The way Avishka is holding the thick strand of her hair and untangling it is so admirable that Parakram is unable to contain his smile. Because of this, Aashi's hair is not pulling with it or even noticing it at all; instead, she is speaking constantly, and Avishka is working while responding to her.

After some time, she makes a very beautiful style in her hair and starts praising her. Aashi's eyes go to her father, due to which she spreads both her hands. Parakram comes inside and takes his daughter in his lap, due to which Avishka immediately bows her head very well while sitting with great care.

"Papa, do I look beautiful?”

"You have always seemed very beautiful to me."

"I have just styled my hair; do I look beautiful in it?"

"You are looking very beautiful."

Parakram's eyes go to Avishka, whose face he cannot see, but immediately he can see teardrops falling on her hand. He tries to look at her but cannot see her face. He doesn't know why he is feeling that she is crying, but he doesn't know the reason behind her crying, he tells her in his harsh voice.

“My mother wants you to become Aashi's nanny; now she has decided, so it is not in my power to ask you anything or refuse, but I am telling you clearly that if my daughter faces even the slightest problem, “I don’t desist from hurting anyone.”

Avishka had discussed this matter very well with Shraddha, and the truth is that neither her salary nor living in Bundela House was making any difference to her. If it was making any difference to her, then that is due to the fact that she will be able to stay with Ashi for more time, and the biggest thing is that Vishnu and Padma, who helped her a lot while living with her in Bundela House, will only do the gardening there, and they get a lot of money from this thing. They will get relief. She has noticed very well about both of them that sometimes when their health gets bad, due to not bringing flowers, neither garlands can be made nor they can be sold, due to which they do not have food to eat. According to what Shraddha stated, Padma and Vishnu are both receiving very good pay for their gardening work, and Avishka will also receive a very good salary. As a result, she can make their remaining lives much happier at the same time because, to her, they are both just her parents. Even if the relationship is for some time, it has become very deep in her heart, due to which she will feel very happy after doing all this for both of them.

Parakram does not get any kind of answer, due to which he is feeling a little angry, but because of the presence of Aashi with him, he immediately tells Avishka again.

"Do you understand what I am saying? My daughter should not face any kind of trouble. I will keep an eye on you all the time because I am not used to trusting anyone."

As per her habit, Avishka immediately nods her head. Both Padma and Vishnu are very happy about doing gardening in Bundela House because they have to work very hard for flower garlands, which their bodies cannot bear. Both of them have been to Bundela House many times, so they are very happy with this news. Parakram passes Aashi near Avishka and sits on the sofa there so that he can tell Avishka that he is not just asking her to keep an eye on her, but he is very much ready for this. With Parakram sitting there, Avishka has definitely become a little uncomfortable, but she understands the care of a father very well, which is why she closes her eyes and says to herself in her mind.

“I will do everything... Papa... I am strong.”

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