I am getting a lot of messages on Instagram asking how you think so strangely, so my first answer is that you have not read anything in a book yet; there is a lot more to come. It is horrible. You have a very weird mind. And my answer is that if I just create a small circle around myself, like being within limits and having to write only this much, then perhaps I am not able to completely free myself from the circle. As a writer, I don't want to limit myself to any limits. If I create a story in my mind, I want to write it down in words. If you are able to enjoy it, you are welcome; if you do not like it, please leave it; there is no offense.

If there is a criminal in the story, then I have to write about the criminal's mindset and to what extent he can go, yet I restrain myself to a great extent because a lot of people read these books, including school-going kids, so it is very difficult to reach that limit, but still, I try to make it really easy with a few steps.

Why do you make girls look so weak?

I am very sorry. I do not see girls as weak. If someone feels like this, then I cannot help them. I am trying my best to understand what a girl can do, what she is doing, and how much she is doing all this. I can show you that emotions, love, respect, abuse—anything depends on the story, but if you are watching something limited, then it is your fault, not mine. I've previously recounted a story about a girl with a strong will; you may peruse it now, but you are reading this book and complaining. This story is about a girl who has suddenly suffered a lot in her life, so I have to show that no matter how strong she is, she has suffered a lot because of some emotional things.

How long is this book? Because you write long books anyway, it will be very difficult for us to afford it.

So that the reader does not face any problems, I keep the recent chapter absolutely free for 24 hours. If someone does not reach out to read within these 24 hours, then it is not the author's fault. I am thinking first about my reader and then about myself. As far as the long book is concerned, now there are hardly 10 to 15 chapters; that too will be very long, so instead of updating every day, I will update whenever the chapter is ready, but this book will be finished this month; this is confirmed.

Tonight I will try my best to give the longest chapter that is not yet ready; if it is not uploaded tonight, then you will definitely get that chapter tomorrow morning, but I will try my best to give it until 12:30 in the night. Now don't request that you please give it as soon as possible; 12:30 is very late. I know it is late, but I get time to write at night only, and the chapter is not yet written completely. I have been able to write only 6,000 words until now. I am trying my best to finish the entire past of Avishka in one go by writing 10,000 words and more.

I hope I have made myself clear.



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