Hi, Butterflies.

First, this is a long book, so you have to read it patiently. My point is that it would be better for you guys to know this before starting the book.

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Thank you for starting to read this book.

Just write down the following points:

• This book is a series, and the other two parts of this book series are available on Amazon Kindle KDP, which I will not make available here under any circumstances. If you want to read those two parts, you have to check out Amazon KDP.

• Why do I make this book free?

This book is very similar to reality, reflecting the internal environment of women or a family in the 1990s. That era or period is very difficult for women. This book, which holds a special place in my heart, depicts the struggle of man and woman for family. That's why I want to keep this book free.

This is a multi-couple book.


• English is not my first language, so there will be lots of grammatical mistakes while you read. Sorry for this. If anyone wants to help me with editing, then you are welcome. I'm not ashamed to admit that my grammar is weak; I love writing with my imagination; other than that, I don't know anything. But please don't judge me because of my writing. I have told you very well, but it would be better if you didn't humiliate me by repeatedly pointing this out.

• First of all, I want to tell you that if you are starting this book now, you will have to open your mind while reading it. This book contains abuse and mental trauma, as well as forced, mature content. This book is for mature audiences; if you are reading, it means you started reading after my note. Read at your own risk; don't blame the author later.

• The female lead is a weak character in this book. This is not a reflection of my personal opinion but rather a result of the book's inherent requirements. Try to understand this. The second very important point I am mentioning here again is that this book is mature, and now it will have abusive scenes and foul language. If you can tolerate all this, then only start this book.

• Basically, the book is related to those people who were born in the 1970s–1980s, like Main Lead Adhiraj, born in 1971, and Suman, born in 1976 or 1977, whose roots are so traditional and orthodox. Keep this in mind: this is based on the low mentality of conservative society.

• Whatever may be the behavior of the husband, whatever may be the behavior of the in-laws, you will have to bear everything silently, maintain your home atmosphere at any cost, and not disturb the peace. Women cannot raise a voice because they have only been taught that they have come to build the house with love, sacrifice, and respect, not to destroy it.

• When it is the main point in the upbringing of women that nothing can go wrong with what her husband says and she has to obey everything that her husband says,.

•This book is related to those ladies where freedom started for them, like they can get higher studies but still working outside is a very hard task. They are educated, but they were not able to get out of their traditional roots completely. You can also understand this thing in such a way that, like today's women, women do not immediately decide to get divorced on any matter. I am not talking about every woman. I myself have seen how in my personal life some things were very small, which could be solved by sitting and having a good conversation, but the matter has reached the point of divorce.

• If you find the character of the female lead very useless, then please leave the book. Do not make unnecessary negative comments because I have cleared myself up very well here. Self-respect is a different thing, and it is a different thing to keep loving someone continuously by putting your self-esteem at stake.

• You can fight with the person in front of you for your self-respect, be angry with them, quarrel with them, and say many things to them, but even if you love someone, that love does not end many times because they have also hurt your self-respect. I may not be able to explain my point, but love is a very beautiful thing that does not end so easily. Sometimes it doesn't end at all, and that person continues to love the person, giving 100 percent in his or her relationship, despite being ashamed or humiliated again and again.

This book is related to honor-based criteria, where a person can do anything to save their bullsh*t honor. If guys take this, please continue.

• Rudes and negative comments are not allowed here because they hurt very badly, and I don't like harsh and negative things. Don't waste your time at all, because I will delete it hand in hand. Even I am not afraid to block you because you are spreading negativity in my book, which is not at all acceptable.

•I clear many things about my characters and the base of the book, and specifically, ORTHODOX THINKING MALE DOMINATING SOCIETY. I will not tolerate even a single comment made on my character and will delete it. If you don't agree, I will block the reader.


After some reading, if you don't like to read this story, it's ok, no problem, no offense, guys.

• If you find any mistakes or something missing, please notify me; I don't mind.

• Plagiarism is an offense; this is my story, totally my imagination. Please use your own mind rather than copy others' hard work.

• If I find anyone copying this story, then I stop writing immediately.

In the end, I would like to tell you that this author is not teaching you anything and is just writing her imagination here. I never want to hear from anyone about what you are forcing us to read.

Everyone has a circle of his or her own thinking; I also have my own thinking. If you think that the range of my thinking does not match yours, of course, you can skip this book.



Both of the aggressive twin brothers have extremely similar personalities, and they both take their father's instructions very seriously. Their father vehemently opposed women's rights, and as a result of his statements, they still wish to carry on their family's traditions without making any changes.

Laxmi, Achindra's wife, passed away ten years ago. He has two sons, Prakshit and Rakshit.

Gayatri, Achintya's wife, is a very composed woman who always keeps quiet for the sake of her family. They have three children: Adhiraj, Adhidev, and Gehna.


She is 20 years old, while he is 25.

Everything his father says is like a stone to Prakshit. He complies with his commands and aspires to follow his father's wishes. Purva, who is highly cheerful and fun-loving, will soon be his wife.


He is Prakshit's identical twin and is 25 years old; Madhvi is 23.

He has a totally different outlook on life than anybody else since, while having to pay attention to his father, he only does what he thinks is right. In front of his brother and father, he is incredibly frail.


Despite being 24 years old and wanting to have a great time, his family's morals often get in the way. He desires a tranquil existence with his beloved.

He met Nishtha at the wedding of a friend, and they have been inseparable ever since. Since their relationship has been kept secret from the public for four years, he is confident that one day he will be able to persuade his family to accept Nishtha.


He is Adhiraj's twin and has a secret desire to accomplish whatever his family requests. He is highly intelligent and active in the infotech industry.


19 years old.

Her family, who are quite traditionalists, are looking for a groom.

She enjoys studying a lot. She also enjoys performing at Kathak. She had a difficult time convincing her father to support Kathak, but now that she is an expert dancer, everyone encourages her to keep improving.


23 years old.

Being the only child of her parents, she is highly aware of her responsibilities. She focuses all of her attention only on the fact that she should only assist her parents after completing her post-graduate work. She wants to use her abilities to help her father's excellent business reach new heights, and for this, she is

ready to work hard day and night.

Other characters will continue to appear in the book over time.

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