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Year 1987-1988

While Prakshit is getting ready for his wedding, the three brothers who are standing around are grooming him to be the bridegroom while not acting mischievously but seeing their facial expressions tormenting him relentlessly. They all know that he is a serious guy, exactly like his father, and they just want to bother him badly. Despite the fact that all four of them have been together since childhood and genuinely love one another, there is still an unknown gap between them.

Rakshit, though, is not one to remain silent under any circumstances. He purposefully says this when he is fastened to the sherwani's top button, which is close to his neck and causes him trouble. Prakshit shouts.

"What are you doing?"

"Keep your voice down, bro. You're getting married, and, if I'm being completely honest, my sweet sister-in-law won't like your loud voice at all. She is a very vivacious, kind girl who absolutely detests those who speak in a similar manner. Because your father didn't even give you a chance and you continued to be his slave, you haven't even properly met her yet. You agreed with what your father said, so try to restrain yourself a bit. She is a gorgeous girl."

" Shut up… I will remain as I am... She is my wife, and whether or not she dislikes my loud voice, I won't change who I am for anyone. If she doesn't like my nature, she must learn to like it and develop the habit of listening to everyone... After moving into this house, she must mentally prepare herself to comply with my father's wishes… Do you understand that?"

"Come on, Prakshit, You are acting so cruelly because she is your wife; she has to do everything as you wish, and I don't know what dreams she must have had in mind, but she hasn't even arrived yet. You are behaving so rudely that I'm not sure how to act around her. If not much, then at least adapt a tiny bit of yourself to that... Because you will be with her forever, how will you be able to spend your entire life with her if you don't get along with her? ... "

After hearing Adhiraj, Prakshit turns to face him and tells him.

"Love is a pointless concept in our lives. Women come to look after our home and have children for us so that our lineage continues… My grandmother did the same thing, my mother did the same thing, and your mother also did the same thing, so how can my wife be saved?... I have always heard the same things from my father, and he expects the same thing from me in the future… Because I know what to do with her and because I know you love that girl dearly, I keep telling you to stop yourself. Your father and dad will never consent to having you marry that girl because they oppose the concept of "LOVE." So please hold your feathers to fly, Adhiraj... Bro, it will only make things worse."

There is a noticeable change in the atmosphere after hearing Prakshit's words. Everyone looks at him with many unusual inquiries in their eyes, yet they all understand that he is not even saying anything incorrect. Adhiraj, who is standing in front of him, says this with great assurance because he knows everyone very well.

"I don't remember when I started trying to stop myself when I fell in love with her, but I could never stop... All I want to say is that for your wife and my sister-in-law, you have to give her the best atmosphere in this house... About me, My love for her has grown to the point where I can no longer imagine my life without her. I will do my best to manage my love… Just take care of your wife…"

Everyone is well aware of Adhiraj's obsession with Nishtha, and he frequently feels scared of it because he loves her so much. However, everyone is also wary of his father's power and authority because of how far-reaching it is.

As soon as possible, everyone leaves the ominous atmosphere and begins to get ready for Prakshit's wedding. In the meantime, they arrive at Purva's house, dancing and singing, where all of the wedding ceremonies will take place. Everyone is having a great time, and everything is going extremely well. Adhiraj notices Rakshit's gesture as soon as Rakshit turns to face him. Nobody is paying any attention to either of them at all as all of those individuals scan the area. As soon as Rakshit receives his signal, they both depart.

They are both well aware that it is 1 o'clock in the morning. Meeting their girlfriends in this circumstance will be quite challenging for those people, but since they haven't seen each other in a while, they want to take a chance and see what happens.

Rakshit stops the bike, drops Adhiraj off where he always drops him, and then proceeds to his girlfriend's house. It was quite cold, so Adhiraj ran swiftly to her residence and rubbed his palm to get some warmth. He patiently knocks on the window three times while slowly going to wait. He knows that if she is awake, she will undoubtedly come out onto the terrace, so he quickly climbs the wall and jumps onto the rooftop.

Ten minutes have passed, and she has not yet arrived. Because there was a wedding at the house and he had to go as soon as possible, Adhiraj's mind suddenly began to feel sad because he hasn't even been able to see her for the past week. Today, as soon as he got the chance, he came to meet her. But perhaps today is not a lucky day. He begins to scale the wall once more when she abruptly beckons him from behind.


A broad smile appears on his face when he hears his name. She rushes into his arms as soon as he turns to face her. No matter how many days have passed since they last saw each other, they hold one another so tightly that not even a split second will separate them. No one can see them since it is too dark on the terrace. Adhiraj instantly wraps his arms around her and sits down on the cold floor with her, feeling as though he must see anybody who accidentally walks by. Nishtha tells him while sitting calmly in his arms with her head resting on his shoulder.

"I really miss you,"

"I miss you too. I'm sorry I've been busy with my brother's wedding preparations, but I'll see you every day now.

He grinned while looking at her as she grinned widely and gave him another hug. For many hours, they were unable to see one another. Even if they had only met each other for five minutes, it is still too much for two lovers. Because of this, they only used to give each other their complete attention for those five minutes. Nishtha is blushing with shyness as Adhiraj kisses the back of her hand repeatedly while gazing into her eyes. She says while timidly squeezing her lower lip between her teeth.

"I would like it if you came to our dance performance the day after tomorrow at the college auditorium."

"Day after tomorrow, we are invited there as a chief gift guest."

"What, seriously?"

She receives a hug from him as he nods and smiles. When he hears a bike horn, Rakshit has likely arrived there after seeing his lover, but he can't stay longer with her. He kisses Nishtha on the forehead and tells her as soon as he ends their meeting.

"Tomorrow, I'll visit your college campus... and a very important thing... I LOVE YOU…"

After hearing him, she nods swiftly because the news is really good for her. She hides her face in his broad chest for a few seconds and bids goodbye. He jumped from the wall and vanished into the dark night as usual, but he left Nishtha with a beautiful smile on her face.

"I love you.”


While going down the street, two of my best friends are chatting and having a great time. Both girls appear to be joyful, but Nishtha appears to be dreaming about her lover, while the other girl is very happy today because of their performance.

"I can't believe how beautifully our performance went... The entire audience burst into applause as we wrapped up the Kathak performance. Madam is quite pleased, Nishu."

Nishtha says with an immediate smile that she has just woken up from her dream.

"Yes, Suman, what are you saying?"

"Nothing, You've been failing the class for the past two years, which is why I, who was your junior, am now taking classes with you."

"So what? I am not an intelligent student like you."

"It is not intellectual in any way. Why don't you state clearly that you are so engaged by someone's love that you are unable to focus on your studies? but please pay attention to your studies too."

Nishtha shouts loudly when she listens, still with her dreamy eyes.

"You are 100% correct; I am completely and utterly madly in love with Adhiraj and want to stay this way for the rest of my life. He and I share a deep affection for one another, and neither of us could survive without the other.

Suman starts looking all around after listening to her words, but then smiles since there aren't many people around them. That is why no one would have paid them any attention. She tells Nishtha in a frightful manner as she instantly draws Nishtha near her.

"I am aware that you and Adhiraj continue to meet in secret, so why are you shouting so loudly to invoke the evil eye on your relationship? If someone overhears, disaster will ensue, so please be quiet."

She instantly puts her palm over her lips and laughs while pressing it. Suman walks to her house because they reach her house when they both head in that direction. once Suman arrives at the house. She observes her grandma chanting the holy book Gita in comfort. She is her grandmother's darling, so she immediately wraps her arms around her grandmother's neck and shouts.


"Oh, my sweetheart, You attend college, and I am constantly waiting for you. At the very least, come quickly so I can fully see you."

"What should I do, Grandma? I have no idea of the time as I first go to college, then I go to practice. You are aware of my love for Kathak."

Her grandmother simply gives her granddaughter a head kiss and showers her with many blessings so that she may carry on chirping joyfully like this forever. She just sits and explains her day.




Prakshit is getting ready, and his wife is tying his tie. When Purva notices him grinning while he is admiring himself in the mirror, she bats her eyes at him and whispers.

"Why do you want to gaze at yourself in the mirror when you could just look into my eyes?"

Prakshit shifts his gaze from the mirror to her words.

"Why are you acting so filmy?"

"A woman gets filmy when her partner is more attractive than Aamir Khan. And yes, I was prepared to flee to Aamir Khan if our marriage arrangement had not come to fruition, but when Papa showed me your photo, I thought, He is more attractive than Amir Khan... So I decided to drop the idea. You look so handsome. Wow...."

Despite always preferring to take things extremely seriously, Prakshit does not become upset at all upon hearing his wife's statements. Because he is unsure of how to respond to this girl? He is just looking at her strangely. She feels so shy that she quickly kisses him on the cheek and runs away. He is shocked because she has been on the verge of crying every night under him, and now she is kissing him lovingly, which is very strange for him. Though he admires her innocence and is extremely puzzled, he was just ready to smile when he suddenly decided to turn around and leave the room with his signature expression.




Achintya and Achindra are each seated in their respective chairs. Gayatri and Purva are serving breakfast to everyone. Achindra only tolerated the voice of the cutlery on the dining table as acceptable noise.

Purva is extremely hungry, but she is unable to do anything since she has learned in one month that the women of the house wait till the men of the house go to work before eating breakfast. She hasn't eaten or drunk anything yet, but she is agitated because, although she is not used to it, she still gets hungry early in the morning. When Gayatri sees her face, she is upset yet helpless.

Everyone prefers to eat breakfast just before heading to work so that they can skip lunch or take something light in the daytime to work more and get right to work; as a result, they arrive at the workplace at 10:00 am every day.

Adhiraj's leg smacked Rakshit's feet as he motioned for him to look at an upset-looking Purva.

Rakshit simply casts a sidelong glance at Adhiraj's way before turning to face his father. Adhiraj is directing his attention to Purva. He shouts while raising his eyes to Purva, who appears to be about to cry. Prakshit knows everything but is forced to ignore it because this rule has been followed for a long time.

"What manners are these?"

Everyone stopped to stare at them, and Rakshit took care of the situation immediately.

"I'm feeling some pain in my legs; that's why I was shaking. I just touched you accidentally." Bhabhi (sister in law), it's painful. Will you please help me?"

Adhiraj quickly handed him a paratha, which he quickly hid in his palm from everyone's eyes. Suddenly, Anchindra's voice roared.

"Why are you requesting her?" You have every right to demand that your sister-in-law massage your leg. Let her know where to massage your feet, and she will start right away. Remember this: She is here to serve her family."

Purva didn't like it, but she lacked the courage to express it. Rakshit quickly entered the room, leaving Purva feeling betrayed by Parkshit's silence. However, Prakshit is only engaged in eating his breakfast. He gives her no attention at all. Adhiraj is absolutely sad to see Purva's eyes, as she has been seeking Prakshit's attention ever since. However, he wants to remain silent in front of his father and bad papa.

The moment Purva enters the room, she bows her head. She has no issues massaging Rakshit's feet because she also massages her elder brother's feet, who is equally as tall as him. But she is sad. Prakshit, however, made no comment on her behalf. She is very offended by this because she didn't even speak up, and her father-in-law told her so much without her asking anything. She quickly asked him.

"Where are you feeling pain?"

She glances at him with surprise as he quickly opens his palm in front of her to reveal an aloo paratha. He smiles and says,.

"You must eat quickly since we won't ask anyone to eat anything until after we have all left. I invite you to hereby make an explanation since I didn't feel good seeing your face. You eat swiftly, after which we go outside."

She is very surprised, but so happy. She begins eating an aloo paratha in silence as a result. She quickly says:.

"You are just like the side hero of any famous movie."

"Shit bhabhi, side hero, then who is the hero?"

"Of course, my husband... I am completely aware. He has a slight villainous vibe... But no worries; with a little bit of time, I can turn him into a hero."

He simply smiles and helps her finish her paratha. He then hands her a handkerchief to wipe her face before they both exit. After eating his breakfast, Prakshit turned to face them, and she just poked her tongue out while tilting her lips from left to right.

Adhidev only held his thigh to maintain silence as he narrowed his eyes and was about to say something. Adhiraj and Rakshit were silently taking in everything.

Purva is a little angry, so she goes to the kitchen. After breakfast, everyone starts leaving, but Prakshit turns and looks back for the first time, only to find no one. He checks attentively and finds she is peeking from the corner without coming out. His heart feels so good, and he quickly goes out.

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