As she gives Suman a bear hug, Nishtha runs to tell her.

"You are my best friend... You pay attention to everything I say and also offer solutions to all of my issues... Since you informed me he liked the concept very much and thanked you, we can meet in his close company… "

She is grinning like she found something very precious, Suman raises her fake collar and says.

"Do not mention... The whole day, someone will be following me, shouting, "I am not able to meet my Adhiraj."..." I must meet my Adhiraj or else I would die", thus I must offer a solution… "

"I love you… "

"Just keep saying I LOVE YOU for your Adhiraj."

When a car honks behind them, both friends are still conversing with one another. Suman does not even bother to turn around to see her boyfriend because she is aware that he has arrived to pick up Nishtha. Nishtha waves her hand, smiles as she bids Suman farewell, and then runs over to Adhiraj. Adhiraj gives her a side hug while looking around and asks.

"You thanked your shy friend for her amazing idea on my behalf."

He says as he accelerates his car that he doesn't want to catch anyone's attention and cause them trouble in the future.

" Yes sir, listen… My graduation is about to finish... I've put my wedding plans on hold until I graduate. Otherwise, you would know that my mother wanted to get married to me soon…. My father is already bedridden, and my siblings are still very young... She is very worried about everything, so in this situation, she wants to fulfill one of her responsibilities by marrying me... Adhiraj, kindly try to understand my side as well… ."

"I agree with all of your concerns and think your mother shouldn't be bothered any longer... However, there is a compulsion that restrains me... I only want to check them once, after which I'll come to your house and ask your mother nicely for your hand to marry you..."

" I love you so much You are the best…"

He laughs at her statement and says while intertwining his finger with hers.

"I also love you very much and want to love you like this for the rest of my life… I talked to my cousins today, they definitely gave me a solution… "

" I am waiting…"

He quickly kisses her forehead, But he is aware in his heart of how much harder things will be for him now that he has lost control of his heart. He didn't realize he was in love with Nishtha at the time, which is why he finds it impossible to imagine his life without her. He is now quite terrified as a result. He is aware of his father's and his brother's immense strength and willingness to do anything. He feels a little anxious because of this. But he is so sure that he wants to marry Nishtha only.




Although she appears to be sleeping deeply as Prakshit lies on her chest, Adhiraj's confession prevents sleep from invading his mind. He is really anxious since he knows they will shortly encounter a significant issue. He lifts his face to look at her, She is sound asleep and unconcerned when her husband suddenly places his lips on her. She awakens with shock and calms after seeing her husband, but the kiss turns into a heated make-out session, which is strange today. She feels him rougher than usual. He is very frustrated.

"Why don't you rest comfortably?... ahhh "

He bites her cleavage and licks her skin to divert his attention from any worries.

"Since you are here with me... How can I rest."

"Hainnn, what I did... ahh…"

"I'm not in the mood to go to sleep, so I'll also disturb you."

"But I want to go to sleep."

" Try it…."

She grips his shoulder tightly due to his pace and tries to figure out what is upsetting him because she is aware that he is not expressing much but is really concerned.


He again fell to her chest as she tried to calm him down with her soft voice and stroked his bare back.

"Are you alright?"


"Just go to sleep; you're not fine… "

"I usually act badly around you..."

" No, you are good... Just a little bit bad"

"Don't expect me to be decent; I'm actually very bad... Quietly sleep without talking much and if you want to wake up again, I know how to wake you up the whole night .."

Adhiraj's thoughts do not leave him as he moves away from her, because he is very disturbed.

She holds him tightly from behind while sliding towards his side and looking at his back because she knows he is not sleeping. As he closes his eyes tightly, she begins to sob slightly, and he turns straight on his back. She rests her head on his chest as he turns to face her and whispers to himself as he makes a decision.

"I'll do everything it takes to keep my loved one safe… "


"Sleep quietly…"




Nishtha is embracing Adhiraj while sobbing, and he is unsure of how to stop her.

"Enough, stop crying..."

How am I to remain silent when you instruct me to do so and my mother has arranged my marriage with another person? How can I wed someone else instead of you?

He tries to comfort her, but finds it difficult. He has told his father and brothers, but they have answered nothing. Even the mere thought of that makes him terribly sad.

"My father and I talked, but he didn't respond. I've been waiting for his response for the past two months, but his silence indicates that he might not want to take any action."

She begins sobbing even harder after hearing him, and Adhiraj becomes even more upset. He is unsure of what to do next, but he is certain that he cannot allow Nishtha to marry someone else. As a result, he holds her tightly in his arms so that she cannot even escape for a brief moment if something goes wrong. She speaks swiftly.

"You make another attempt to explain to your father the situation that is preventing us from sitting calmly like this. I confess my feelings for someone to my mother."

"Okay... But stop crying; we won't ever be apart."

After dropping Nishtha off near her house, Adhiraj quickly makes his way to his mansion. Everyone is talking about something in the hall. He informs those people right away.

"It's great to have you all here. I have very important conversations with you guys… Papa, I told you about a girl whom I like... "

Adhiraj quickly went quiet as Achintya stood up from his chair due to his attention. He said as he moved in the direction of his son.

"I had explained to her mother very well that she should marry her daughter to a good boy. Did they not understand that you have come today again to raise this issue?"

"What... You… I want to marry her to marry someone else.... How could...."

He hadn't even finished his sentence perfectly when he was slapped hard.

"LOVE... this makes a person a useless creature, and they start neglecting their blood relation… just like you… You start pointing your finger at my decision.

" No, it's just….. I like that girl… I want to marry her … "Since you desire to wed me off to another girl , what is the issue with that being the girl I like?"

First of all, we do not support intermarriages between people of different social classes. Second, in our home, the parents always decide who they will marry, and this will continue in the future.

"I do not agree..."

In a flash, Achindra appeared in front of him, gazing into his eyes and speaking.

"Repeat what you said..."

"I am sorry dad, but I don't want to marry anyone other than..."

He did not have the opportunity to finish his sentence. Adhidev and Rakshit are very concerned for Adhiraj as both of his fathers are very angry with him. Achindra punches him in the stomach, holds his hair, bangs his head hard on the floor, and pins him down on the floor while pressing his face with one of his leather shoe legs.

"Do you want to marry her?"

"Bade papa, I love her… "

The scene horrifies Gayatri and Purva, but they are helpless. Achintya moves in closer and begins repeatedly kicking him. When Purva notices that Prakshit's facial expressions have not changed while he is watching their fathers beat Adhiraj, she looks at him with surprise. A few tears began to fall from her eyes.

When Gayatri can no longer take it, she rushes over, grabs Adhiraj in arm to save him, and joins her hands together in front of them both.

"He is young... Please leave him alone; he will listen to you."

"Just informed him… we are fixing his marriage very soon… ."

She only nods while hugging him, as he is trying to handle himself.


"Say thanks to Purva Bhabhi. Bye, Rakshit."

"Run away…. Just take care of yourself."

He smiles slightly and hugs his brother tightly. Adhiraj is well aware that his father and Achindra will oppose his marriage to Nishtha. So he has decided to marry Nishtha anyway. Even if he has to flee his home for this, everyone has helped him in all this; even Purva has helped him.

It has become extremely difficult for him to leave the house at this hour of the night because everyone is observing him. Especially Prakshit does not want to see Adhiraj in any danger, so he maintains a close eye on him at all times. Purva devises a scheme to seduce him and distract him with herself because she wants to help Adhiraj at any cost.

Rakshit somehow talked to his friend and made a plan to help him flee, for which he arranged money and other necessities for both of them. He could only accompany him until a certain distance from their home because he would soon have to engage everyone. Otherwise, Adhiraj will be unable to flee with his partner under any circumstances. They exchange one last hug before moving out. Soon he moved forward, and Rakshit waved at his side to bid farewell.




Rakshit begins looking around in the dark with his subsidy steps, but the hall light suddenly turns on, and his father and Achintya appear in front of him. He realizes that they both knew everything about Adhiraj's plan. He becomes very nervous because he knows that these two will not leave Adhiraj and Nishtha easily. So he rushes outside to support both of them at any cost. However, bodyguards quickly catch him.

"Please, Papa... He loves her."

However, when Achindra hears the word "LOVE," he only sees red. He is well aware that his men are on the hunt for Adhiraj. That is why Adhiraj finds it difficult to flee anywhere. But this time, whoever has helped him considers punishing him to be their first task. Without hesitation, he pulls out his belt from his pants and begins brutally beating his son.

"Papa… Listen.... Papa..."




Prakshit is overjoyed today because his wife took the initiative to proceed in a sweet way; he wants to love her in all of his ways, and even today she is showing more interest without tiring round after round.

His face rested on her heaving chest as she panted heavily. He smiled and was about to look at her when Rakshit's screaming voice caught his attention. Suddenly, he gets scared of the apprehension of something untoward and immediately leaves Purva and begins going out in his pants. Purva, on the other hand, immediately wraps the sheet around herself and tells Prakshit.

"Prakshit... Please listen."

It doesn't take long for Prakshit to figure out why his wife is taking such a special initiative today. It hurt badly. He is furious, so he raises his hand to slap her, causing her to cover her face with both hands. Prakshit's hand comes to a halt in mid-air, but he is so enraged that he immediately fists her hair and pins both hands to the bed, pushing her down. When she sees all of this, she becomes terrified and begins pleading with him in hushed tones.

"Prakshit, kindly help them because they actually love each other.... Don't go there to harm them."

He quickly tied a handkerchief around her mouth and said it in a very dangerous voice.

"They will kill both of them, and no...one...will survive. Nobody has ever been able to locate their body. I don't care about their feelings or anything else; all I care about is my brother."

She pleads with her teary eyes, but he is confident about what he wants to do. He closes the door from outside and runs downstairs while buttoning his shirt, stopping in front of Rakshit to tell his father while saving him.

"Don't waste your time here; (to bodyguards) lock him in his room and make sure he doesn't get out.... You need not be worried; I will personally find Adhiraj."

Achindra, who is furious about Adhiraj's attempt to flee with a low-status girl, has already decided to kill both of them, so he quickly steps out of the mansion, while Achintya follows him, and Prakshit, who is aware of everything, runs behind them.

It is a very dark night, and Adhiraj and Nishtha are only a few meters from the railway station. Adhiraj holds Nishtha tightly in his arms as she sobs. She never intended to flee, leaving her mother in such a situation, but she loved Adhiraj and could not imagine marrying anyone else. Her mother is unwilling to listen to her.

"Please, Nishtha, we are only doing this for love."

"I understand, but I'm worried about my mother..."

"I understand..."

While speaking, he moves forward, and suddenly, a convoy of vehicles surrounds him. Because it is late at night, the sound of the car echoes and scares everyone. They realized Adhiraj's family had found out, which is why they came there.

Those people do not even have a chance to flee before all of the people catch up on them and separate them from each other. Achindra, Achintya, and Prakshit come out and stare at them. Adhiraj begins to yell.

"Papa... Please... We are leaving... Don't do anything to her..."

Achindra rushes towards Nishtha and slaps her hard. She falls to the ground; he fists her hair and forces her to stand, then slaps her again.

"Bade papa... Let her go..."

Achintya comes to his son and begins slapping him for destroying his reputation by fleeing with a girl who is not up to their standards, and in his opinion, Adhiraj falling in love means they are on the verge of falling apart.

"Papa, kill me, but don't hit her…"

"Adhiraj… "

Nishtha screams for help, but both are helpless. Adhiraj somehow frees himself and runs towards Achindra to save Nishtha, but Achindra immediately takes out his gun, grabs Nishtha by her hair in a painful grip, and places the gun on her head, causing Adhiraj to stop midway and plead with them while sitting on the ground with their hands together.

"Bade papa, she is innocent... I am the one who wishes to flee."

"Do you think I'm stupid?... Both of you want to flee by destroying our honor, and you think you'll be able to do so easily... You two love each other, don't you? ... Now you must die together to complete your love… "

Prakshit becomes terrified after hearing his father's words. That's why he rushes over to his father and tells him, snatching the gun from his grip.

"What are you up to, Papa? Singhania is a very prestigious name... If you kill these two and one of your rivals finds out by accident, he will not hesitate to bring this matter to light in any way. In such a case, what we have in mind for the future will be impossible... If you must do anything, separate these two... Keep an eye on Adhiraj and this girl. Apart from that, you both have nothing to do. Find a girl as soon as possible for this idiot; this girl is already getting married soon."

Both Achintya and Achindra have a lot of faith in Prakshit because he has begun to understand the business better than them and manages everything very well. Prakshit is also absolutely correct in what he is saying because their son was killed needlessly and there was no justification for it. However, if they marry Adhiraj to another girl, then it is likely that their problem will be resolved quickly. They are thinking about this only, that Adhiraj shouts.

"I will not marry anyone other than Nishtha."

Achindra sees red, and because of him, he quickly puts the gun on Nishtha, and the gunfire echoes.

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