"I will not marry anyone other than Nishtha."

Adhiraj's words infuriate Achindra to a great extent. He never liked that anyone ignored his words; he wanted his desired results, for which he was ready to go to any extent. Achindra saw red, and he quickly put the gun on Nishtha. When Adhiraj notices everything, he tries harder to get away from the bodyguards who have him in their tight hold. As Prakshit was only ever concerned with Adhiraj's safety, he turns to face him when Achindra once again aims a gun at Nishtha's head, startling him. He runs up to his father, and suddenly he holds his father's hand and raises it rapidly, but Achindra's finger is tight on the trigger. As soon as he raises his hand, the sound of the gun rapidly echoes in the quiet environment.


Adhiraj's agonized scream reverberates over there. At the same time, Nishtha passes out from fear. But Achintya started smiling because of fear in Adhiraj.

He approaches his son and sits down in front of him with great comfort, holding his son's hair in his fist and telling him while he lifts his head to gaze into his eyes.

"This is what I'm saying because it's so painful to see this girl in such suffering... I'd actually kill this girl. If you don't pay attention to me,

"No… papa…. please… "

"If you have misunderstood that I am very interested in keeping you alive, then you can remain in this misconception, but the truth is that I can kill anyone who breaks the dignity of my father's principal."

Achindra has a great understanding of his brother's gestures. Both of them are getting very angry seeing him continuously try to get free like this. So Achendra points the gun at Nishtha again, which stops all his actions.

Adhiraj is fully aware that these individuals never make fake threats. He only focuses on Nishtha. He hears the sound of a rifle loading just then. Achindra shows the gun while grinning as he gently pulls the trigger.

Prakshit's life is in jeopardy because, if he steps in at this time, his father will unquestionably see that he is attempting to save both of them, and if he doesn't, then perhaps he is actually content to let one die. He looked at Adhiraj and replied swiftly.

"You don't have to get married; don't do it. Now see this girl getting killed in front of your eyes; this is your destiny because living with her is not in your destiny at all."

Achindra and Achintya are sure that Prakshit is on their side and will make every effort to scare Adhiraj, which will be very helpful to them.

Knowing that Prakshit is trying to help him, Adhiraj glances at him. However, he is now becoming enraged with him. Before making a plan to flee, he asks him for help. He is aware that Prakshit is capable of getting him out of this situation; thus if he had helped him sooner, this circumstance might not have arisen at all. Perhaps nobody found out where they went.

However, Prakshit is well aware of the fact that he cannot stand in front of his father and younger father. They are both far more powerful than he is, but he manages to track them both down, and when he does, they both suffer a terrible fate. Because of this, he offered no help to Adhiraj and assumed that Adhiraj would likewise put a stop to the situation, but he was unaware of the secret plot being carried out right under his nose.

It appears that Achindra is unwilling to stop at any cost; he suddenly wanted to shoot the girl, despite Prakshit's best efforts to stop both of them. While Achintya watched his brother, he was not in favor of killing anyone. Yes, he is cruel, but killing anyone is a big thing for him. Achindra felt great pleasure in slowly pulling the trigger, which made Adhiraj more alarmed and shout louder.

"Nooooo…… Nooooo…"

"I want to kill this girl, but doing so would damage our reputation... However, I'm willing to give the girl to our guards, who are awaiting a feast... Are you interested, Adhiraj?"

After hearing this, Prakshit closed his eyes and sat in front of Adhiraj, holding him closely while threatening him while whispering.

"You're going to ruin this young girl. These people are terrible. Just let her survive, please. Think before you act, you moron..."

Adhiraj's focus is solely on Nishtha. She is not aware of anything because she fainted, but Adhiraj, who is experiencing a great separation, finds his predicament quite challenging. He can choose between her life and a lifeless body without her. Everything is destroyed in a second, but he is not ready to accept it. Achindra gestured for his guard to move close to the girl.

"I am ready..."

Adhiraj's voice echoed everywhere. There was intense victory and excitement on Achintya and Achindra faces. Due to the level of hatred he understands in Adhiraj's tone, Prakshit is aware that he has totally lost his brother today. He is only focusing on himself. Turning around, Prakshit alerts them.

"You two should return home, and I will take care of everything and bring Adhiraj home…"


"Why don't you understand... He requires time. Your guards will accompany me as I return with him. How can I help him run away?"

After listening to him, they nodded before getting into their car and driving off. Adhiraj is forced to sit in the car by the guards. Prakshit approaches Nishtha and gently strokes her head before holding her in his arms and placing her on Adhiraj's lap while speaking to him.

"Your final meeting is now. We're escorting her to her house. Tell me first where Adhidev is."

Adhiraj is silent while simply observing Nishtha's face. Prakshit doesn't want to bother him any more than necessary. Because of this, he doesn't ask many questions, but he makes the assumption that since he is close to the railway station, Adhidev might be there to help them at this time. He first went to the railway station to give more time to Adhiraj with Nishtha, as he assumed that Adhidev was there with some items that would be useful to them in the future, but when Adhidev saw Prakshit there, he realized quickly that Adhiraj failed to escape from devils.

The atmosphere at Nishtha's house was very tense, as her mother soon came to know that she had run away from home, but she was afraid to tell anyone. Now seeing Singhania's elder son in front of her, she is even more scared, but soon she sees Nishtha unconscious with them. Neither she has the courage to ask them anything nor is she in a position to ask for help with anything. All she can hope for is to be able to see her daughter safe and sound; this is too much for her. Prakshit threatened her.

“When your daughter regains consciousness, tell her that neither Adhiraj had ever come into her life nor had she ever met him. She should remove all traces of Adhiraj from her life because it is in her best interest otherwise, she will get nothing except death."

When they get home, Adhiraj enters his room in silence and locks the door. There is definitely no sound of heartbreak, but the pain it causes is so unbearable that no one knows when it turns one person into another.


Suman's attention is solely on Nishtha, who is presently seated in front of her as a bride, but there is absolutely no joy shown in her eyes at all. Suman made an effort to meet and talk to her many times, but she was prevented from doing so because her mother was always present between them. She was also forbidden from speaking to anyone, so Suman was completely unaware of what was going on.

Suman feels as though she is witnessing Nishtha dying in front of her while the marriage rituals are being completed. She is unsure of how to stop the agony that is filling her eyes, but she is also very troubled by it.

Suman is lost in thoughts while sitting when she feels a hand on her shoulder. She turns around. Sumedh, her older brother, is standing next to her. He informs her right away.

"We've been here for a while because you want to come, and it's too late now. You already know that Papa will be very angry. It is very late at night, and you know very well that they do not like anyone going out at this time of the night. But as you said, I have come here with you and have also stayed, but now you should listen to me and go."

"Okay, Bhai, I bid her farewell and come..."

"Do it quickly; I'm outside in the car."

Slowly approaching Nishtha, Suman looks at her. For the first time, Nishtha lifts her eyes toward Suman. She explains softly that she is simply asking her several questions.

"I won't be able to hold off until your farewell. My brother is adamant about going back home. We should now return home, which is why I came to say goodbye to you."

After hearing her, Nishtha hugs her and breaks down in tears. She seemed to have lost all of her tolerance; she was sobbing uncontrollably while hugging her. Suman gives her a tight hug and tries to console her. She has heard countless tales claiming that love before marriage always gives you pain. She doesn't know much, but the fact that Nishtha is married to a successful man is the only thing she can be happy about; she heard he is doing a good job and going to support her family too. She can only hope that she has a better future. She had nothing further to say to her besides this.




It has been 15 days since Nishtha's marriage, but she is still unable to forget his sad face. Her eyes fill with tears again and again. After all, she is forced to think about all this because, as Nishtha's best friend, she has experienced her and Adhiraj's love very closely.

Tangled in these things, she is still feeling a little sad, remembering Nishtha. Just then, a servant comes and tells her that her father is calling her. Without a delay, she quickly came to the hall where his father was seated with his parents.

"Suman came here quickly."

When Suman hears her father's voice, she instantly turns and rushes over to him. Her mother was sitting nearby, as well as her grandparents. It is obvious from watching them that they were speaking about something important. Then her brother Sumedh shows up with a box of sweets and a smile. Then, all of a sudden, he gave her a large piece of sweet. She looks around at everyone as if she is unable to understand anything.

"Singhania Brothers visited my office today, and we started by discussing business. After that, they talked about asking for your hand for his son."

Suman immediately lowers her eyes without saying anything because there is a moment where any girl feels a little shy after hearing such things from her parents. Suman is aware of the fact that there are four boys in the Singhania family, and all four are eligible for marriage, and one is already married. Being from a business-oriented family, she knows a little about these things because they are a topic of conversation when they are sitting together. She feels her grandmother's hand on her hand. Her grandfather says:.

"I am filled with happiness as soon as I hear this name, Singhania. He had married his elder son only a few months ago. Now perhaps he wants to marry his younger son."

"Correct... Both brothers have two sons each... A few months ago, the elder brother married his elder son. Now the younger brother has sent an alliance for his elder son... ADHIRAJ SINGHANIA..."

Suman, who had been blushing for so long with her eyes closed, as soon as Suman heard this name, she felt as though the ground had suddenly shifted beneath her. She is unsure if the name she overheard is accurate or not. She is shocked when her father looks at her and gladly explains.

"Yes, Adhiraj Singhania, Achintya Singhania's eldest son... Ever since I was thinking about your marriage, I have decided that you should get married in a good and big family only. That's why I myself told my friend about the Singhania family that he should talk about the alliance for any boy because all four boys are marriageable, and I like all four of them very much, they are very lovely children, but when they came into my office today, it was quite surprising that the Singhania brothers were there and said that he had chosen you for Adhiraj.... I simply could not express my happiness."

They talk about everything. Shyam, Suman's father, is extremely happy about this relationship and enjoys fully describing it to their parents. After hearing all of this, Suman's parents are also ecstatic, and no one is looking at Suman, who is extremely upset, but she is unable to speak in front of her father. She has been sitting there motionless as a result. She turns her head to look at her mother, who is sitting there, fixing her eyes on her face.

She doesn't know how many different kinds of thoughts are running through her head constantly, but she can't say anything right now. Instead, she is just looking at her mother, Urmila, with hopeful eyes, and her mother's experienced eyes have also sensed very well that Suman is not happy with this relationship. Urmila's eyes go to her husband, who is very happy with this relationship, so she tells her daughter through her eyes not to say anything in this matter.


A lot has changed in Adhiraj's life. His existence has been automated. Now he likes to spend the most time in his office. He converses with others as little as possible. He stopped being involved in any type of conversation and focused all of his attention on his work and missing Nishtha. He remains very upset. He talks very little, and anger has always been present in his behavior.

He had learned about Nishtha's marriage, but he was unable to do anything about it, even if he wanted to go see her as a bride. He was just considering how absolutely powerless he felt. He is fully aware that his father and Achindra are working hard to match him with a girl as quickly as possible, and he also knows that soon he will marry a woman of their choosing, but he cannot give Nishtha's place to that girl under any circumstances. He knows this very well.

His mother has come the closest to help him choose his clothes because he must go to work as usual. He stands in the restroom waiting for her to leave because he knows exactly when she will, but today he also notices that she hasn't, and it took a while. He comes out of the bathroom because he thinks she wants to say something.

His mother notices him as he begins to dress and says so in a hushed voice while placing a photo on his vanity table.

"Your father, who sent you this photo, has arranged for your marriage to this girl."

Adhiraj is so preoccupied with his work that it appears as though he doesn't care what his mother is saying; instead, he is simply combing his hair and looking around for his belongings because he is used to getting things on his own. Each day, his mother looks after all of his belongings and gives them to him.

"Adhiraj, please beta... She is a very nice girl; try to live in your reality."

"I can't find my things... You are well aware that I value timeliness."

Adhiraj shouts loudly and tells his mother to get his stuff since he doesn't want to hear anything about anyone, and as a result, Gayatri finds them right away, gives them to him, and departs without saying anything further. Adhiraj's heart is filled with rage as if he were angry at existence itself, and Gayatri is well aware that he would struggle to find happiness in life again.

"Oh my God... Please help my son... He is not at all bad... Give him some courage to fight...."

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