"How can I marry a person who is in love with a very special someone in my life?" Try to understand, Mom, how can I marry that person?" He's in love with my friend... Similarly, I do not understand anything... It's only been a month since Nishtha's marriage and Adhiraj Singhania's marriage alliance for me... I really don't understand anything. Please note that, to date, I have never spoken to you about anything. Apart from this relationship, whenever you ask me to marry someone else, I am not going to say anything to you, but not to him; it is impossible for me..."

Her mother staring at her, she quickly mum herself, Urmila says.

"Then don't speak in the same way as you haven't said anything to date."

Today, she noticed her mother's eyes were angry for the first time, due to which all the words coming out of her lips suddenly got lost somewhere. Her mother sat in front of her and said strict words.

"I've always told you that girls shouldn't fall in love before getting married or act this way toward their parents when thinking about marriage... I don't want to hear what you said to me today again, so remember to put it out of your mind and heart forever.... And about Nishtha, she never had a relationship named Singhania in her destiny... Didn't she see her status when she tried to link her name with Singhania?... Your father always wanted to get you married into such a big family. He accepts your every demand; no one has asked you your opinion; your relationship with Adhiraj has been fixed... and I want to tell you that we will get you married soon because they are also in a hurry to get their boy married... So keep this small thing in mind... I don't want to hear any such thing from your mouth ever again.

Some tears slip from her eyes because she is too afraid to say anything to her now because the house atmosphere never allows her to stand up for herself. Her mother mentions her and looks at her new wedding attire, which she had ordered as soon as she heard about her marriage. She still wants to remain ignorant of her daughter's condition and explains it to her, lovingly stroking her wedding attire.

"Men tend to let everyone into their hearts as a matter of habit. However, it is the responsibility of a faithful wife to ensure that her husband does not appreciate any other women after they get married. We should not care about how many women come into his life before marriage, and I expect the same from you as well. Please always take care of this. You should manage that house exactly the way I have managed it. Got it?"

Suman only nods slightly without saying anything. Her hopes are dying, but she still has some hope in her brother. Maybe he will help her. In any case, she will only talk to him tonight. She waited for him the whole day. When her brother Sumedh comes home tired from the whole day, she immediately takes the food and goes to her brother, as she wants to talk to him. On seeing her, her brother starts smiling, holds her hand, and says something to her while she is sitting beside him.

"There is very good news for you; your marriage is going to happen in 1 month, and I am most happy that you are going to get married to Adhiraj Singhania... You can't even imagine..."

"Why so fast... A few days ago, you guys told me that both families talked about marriage setting, and now this sudden marriage... Bhaiya, I don't want to marry first because I want to enjoy your marriage the most. Even if I tell the truth, I don't have to get married."

" Suman... You are not a child who does not understand such a simple thing as why getting married in the Singhania family is a very big deal... It is a big and prestigious name. You know very well that people keep a vulture's eye on such relationships, and we do not want this relationship to go out of our hands at any cost... They said that they wanted to get married in a month, so we agreed... And it is beneficial for everyone... Now just set your mind on how much shopping you have to do for the wedding... Apart from this, you do not need to think much at all about anything."

Her glossy eyes searched for her brother, who always listened to her, but today he was nowhere to be found in this man who was sitting in front of her. Is marriage in a good and high family everything in the life of girls?

Suman seems to have no words left to explain her words to his brother in any way. She wants to leave quietly, and as she starts to leave, her brother tells her.

"Suman, just remember that no one can ever point out their finger at your upbringing."

"Yes, brother..."





Like every day, Adhiraj has kept himself busy with files, and he is reading those files again and again to pass the time. He does not sleep properly, so he sleeps late now, and in such a situation, he keeps on doing something or other to pass the time.

Just then, he hears a knock in his room. He closes his eyes because he knows that maybe his mother will come again today to explain things to him. He does not want to talk to his mother again and again in the wrong tone, but he cannot control himself and ends up saying something wrong to her. He knows that this is how women are treated in this house, but he neither supported nor participated in this behavior. But day by day, his behavior is becoming more and more rude, and every time he is hurting everyone with his behavior.

He does not give any kind of answer because he knows that the door is open and she will definitely come inside. After a while, two people stop in front of him. He knows it is not his mother at all. He quickly looked at the person. It is Purva, and behind her, Rakshit and Adhidev are standing without any joy. He quickly questioned them.

"You people had some work to do with me, so you all came here at this time to disturb me..."

Purva has noticed a lot of changes in his behavior. The boy used to talk to her with a lot of smiles, or, as we say, always smiles. Today, he very curtly gives her a short answer.

Purva sat next to him and took his files to talk to him more clearly.

"I know you are very angry with all of us, but nothing can happen now... You know everything has changed... She is already married, and you are getting married to a girl who is very sweet and good-natured.... She is very sweet. I have already met her several times... She is very understanding and well-behaved."

Due to his condition, Adhiraj doesn't agree with anything anyone says. No matter how right it is, he just wants to be by himself and neither wants to talk to anyone nor listen to anyone. Here, when Purva is praising Suman in front of him, he is questioning himself. Wasn't all this quality in Nishtha? Was she not sweet, or was she not a good-natured person? Everything was there in her too, but she didn't get any chance to show anything. She is not a match for him just because she is not up to his standard. He was very proud of his prestigious family, and today he is most sorry about it. She was forcefully married to someone else, and here the same thing is happening with him too. So he questioned them.

"She is sweet and of good nature, so what... What should I do about this?"

Adhidev quickly settled in front of him, beside his knee on the floor, and said.

"Adhiraj, leave your past and try to move on... Talk to us like earlier... Very happy... Smiling..."

"Nothing is the same now that I present myself to you as before. The Adhiraj who was in front of you earlier cannot be there now because I am dead.... I'm a Singhania, and that's all I know."

Rakshit quickly went to the other side to sit next to him and said,

"I understand every point, but you are also going to get married by trying to understand this... from a girl who probably doesn't know anything about you because you don't want to tell her you haven't talked to her even once when you are going to get married after 15 days."

Adhiraj knows very well that all three have come here to pacify him and will definitely keep telling him all these things, which he does not want to hear, nor does he want to sit in the middle of these people in any way. He likes his loneliness and wants to be with it. So he immediately leaves the room, leaving those people there.

"Adhiraj… "

But he is already gone from there, and they are very upset because of his change, which scares them day by day. Adhidev quickly says:

"I know him... It is not easy for him to forget her easily. And if he remembers her, then he will never be able to move forward in his life... I hope this girl understands his broken heart."

Purva turns and looks at him with tears in her eyes, which have a lot of questions.

"And what about the girl? ... Girls are never able to say anything to their parents. She also has many desires and many expectations from her husband too... I don't even want to guess what kind of condition occurs when she meets Adhiraj."

No one has any answers. All three of them just sit there silently for a while. All three are totally unaware that Prakshit was also standing outside, listening to all their conversations secretly from everyone.


His procession, like all processions, is filled with joy and dancing. But he doesn't have a smile on his face or any spark of happiness in his eyes. He sits quietly on the mare, as if he has nothing to do with any of this. He is simply completing the tasks assigned to him.

They are slowly approaching their destination. His gaze is drawn to a very familiar figure; his procession is moving forward at a slow pace, but his gaze remains fixed on that side. A girl hiding behind a tree nearby is constantly staring at him. He still remembers these eyes. He hasn't seen her in person in four months. But how can he possibly forget these eyes? He recognizes these eyes despite the fact that her clothes are covering her face. These are the same eyes he had filled with some golden dreams of their beautiful life together, seeing in which he wanted to spend his life. He is a long distance away from her, but he can see the moisture in her eyes. While he is moving people, his gaze remains fixed on her. She just gently lifts her hand and waves him slowly while crying, then sends him off in front of her.


The bride appears to be very beautiful. Perhaps there will never be a more beautiful bride than her. Her beautiful face has suddenly blossomed even more as a bride, but her eyes are filled with sadness. The door suddenly opened, but she didn't look back because she knew the procession had arrived at her door. That is why everyone went. Maybe one of them would have shown up right now to take her to the wedding hall.

She doesn't want to open her eyes to see anything because nobody has any idea how worried she is about tomorrow. She has no one to whom she can speak or to whom she can explain her worries.

She suddenly feels herself in a tight hug. She raises her eyes to see Nishtha behind her, crying while hugging her. Nishtha's appearance surprises her because she did not invite her to her wedding, simply because her marriage to Adhiraj was fixed. She was unsure how she would deal with Nishtha.

"Nish.... tha."

"Don't say anything; I completely understand your situation... I used to think of my mother as a friend. I spilled out everything to her and thought she would help me, but she is not in position. But I know How could you tell your family that you did not want to marry Adhiraj when I couldn't explain it to anyone? I understand why you didn't invite me here, but I wanted to come here, so I did... I just want you to forget about my and Adhiraj's relationship forever and never bring it into the middle of your relationship with him... Don't remember at all that I used to talk about Adhiraj in front of you and that I once said that I loved him... You only need to remember that you will be Adhiraj's bride... He is a gentleman. I simply wish for him to meet a woman who is extremely lovely, and I have no doubt that you will provide him with nothing but joy... Suman, be happy with him... He's fantastic. Please be kind to him... And love him so much... Give him a sweet world of love."

Suman can't think of anything to say. Today, the girl in front of her, who was once in love with the man she is about to marry, begs her to love him. Because of the way she is pleading in front of her, her helplessness is audible in her voice.

Suman turns around and wants to hug her tightly so she can express how confused she is at the moment, but Nishtha stops her by grabbing her shoulders, reversing her steps, and disappearing from the room. It's as if she didn't appear just a few moments ago.





Adhiraj's eyes have not once turned to look at the girl he is about to marry, and everyone is laughing and enjoying the wedding. The wedding rituals are being completed as mantras are chanted in front of everyone seated in the mandap. Their hands are both wrapped in a handkerchief. Adhiraj can easily feel her cold, ice-like hand in his large palm, but he doesn't seem to mind in the least.

Finally, the priest gave him a million to fill in her hairline. He turns around to fill her hair partition, but his hands pause when he sees Suman's face for the first time. Her eyes are sloppy, his eyes are stuck to her face, he is only looking at her, and Suman feels his eyes on herself, which makes her nervous. His attention is drawn to the priest's voices.

"What happened, son? Fill the vermillion in her hairline."

He filled her hair partition while staring at her face emotionlessly. He quickly encased a nuptial chain around her neck, his gaze returning to her face.

Adhidev and Rakshit notice but don't understand; they whisper.

"What happened? Was he familiar with her?"

"From the expression on his face, he appears to have already met Suman."

"Suman is Nishtha's best friend."

When Prakshit finished speaking, both of them turned to face him. The questions can be seen on both of their faces. So Prakshit tells them while looking at Adhiraj.

"I had just seen her leave from here, so I stopped her immediately and asked if she had come there to do a spectacle in marriage, whereas she herself is married. Then she told me that she is Suman's best friend and that she only wants Suman to marry Adhiraj. Suman knows everything about their love."

Their faces are concerned after hearing this because they expected the girl, whatever she is, to at least try to understand Adhiraj. Suman, on the other hand, learns about Adhiraj's love for four years, which may become a hindrance in their lives.





After arriving at Singhania Mansion, every ritual is performed slowly, which Adhiraj does like a machine. His three brothers are handling the situation admirably, and everyone believes he is losing interest due to marriage fatigue. Soon after, the Anguthi khelne ritual begins.

(Anguthi khelne: Milk and water are combined in a large vessel with rose leaves. The bride and groom sit facing each other, and someone throws a ring into the water, which the bride and groom must find with one hand. This game is repeated five times. (The winner is the person who finds the ring the most times.)

Adhiraj's eyes are on Suman, who is sitting in the veil. Suman begins searching for the ring as soon as she places it in this pot. Adhiraj isn't even looking for the ring because his gaze is fixed on Suman, but he suddenly tightens his grip on her hand. Suman is shocked, and everyone begins to laugh, thinking that the groom is teasing the newlywed. Suman tries to free her hand, but it's impossible, and Adhiraj is not ready to let her go. Suman takes her hand away from the pot. Adhiraj pulls the ring from the pot and shows it to everyone.

This has happened five times now. He repeats this same act five times. Everyone was having a good time at first, but his brothers and Purva became very upset because he was hurting Suman. His nail pierced her delegate skin, but Suman did everything she could to make sure no one noticed, but Purva had seen everything.





When Purva returns to her room at night after settling Suman into her room and finds Parkshit sitting there, she turns her gaze away and silently sits in front of the vanity, beginning to remove her jewelry. Prakshit asks her.

"How is she?"

Purva pauses for a moment but does not respond to him, so Prakshit approaches her, grabs her arm, and forces her to stand in front of him, asking her.

"You can't ignore me..."

She begins to walk away while desperately attempting to hold back her tears. Prakshit then grabs her wrist and forces her to stand in front of him again. She becomes enraged and begins to strike him on the chest with her small fists. Prakshit says nothing and stands silently in front of her.

Prakshit suddenly grabbed her nape and captured her lips. She cried and tried to push him away, but he didn't budge. His lips were moving on her lips very passionately. She opened her eyes and looked into deep black eyes, which she loved to see all the time. She slowly started responding because she loved him so much. Prakshit scooped her up in his arms and moved towards the bed without breaking their kiss. Purva was engaged in the entire marriage's work without stopping, and her tiredness is clearly visible on her face as a result.

He begins removing her clothes, which disturb her sleep due to the heavy work in them, and covers her with a blanket. He hugs her tightly and begins caressing her hair, despite the fact that she is already sleepy. She hugs him tightly while holding his torso and sliding herself close to him, resting her face on his chest; soon both are in deep slumber.

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