Hello everyone,

A lot of people are coming to read, and only a few people are pressing the heart icon, so I am feeling like a fool that I am a big fool who is giving my books for free here, thinking about the readers while I was getting a good amount for this.

Now that I have already removed the book from there, why don't I put it here itself? Because your hands are hurting a lot when pressing the heart icon.

All my friends had told me that there was no need to remove the book from there when it was earning well. But like always, I, like a fool, got emotional and decided for the readers that at least I should make the first book free for them because it has received the most love and everyone wants to read it, but you are feeling that my decision was very wrong.

I am really very disappointed.

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Shruti Gajendra

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Shruti Gajendra

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