Ever since Adhiraj came, all four children have been playing with him, and that is why all the children have fallen asleep soon due to tiredness. Adhiraj comes into the room and just gazes at his two kids very well, as he feels as if he just wants to settle these two in his eyes.

He is eagerly waiting for Suman; he doesn't want to leave her today at all, just holding her in his arms. He knew that Suman was coming in front of him again and again. But he deliberately did not look at her because he knew that if he saw her, he would want to take her in his arms, which is not possible in the presence of so many people.

Suman is currently in the kitchen and is forcefully trying to finish the work because, for some unknown reason, she has suddenly started getting scared that Adhiraj has not turned and looked at her even once. So does it mean that after pregnancy she is not attracted at all, so will Adhiraj not look towards her now?

She was just thinking that she was crying profusely. She wanted to hug Adhiraj tightly just once, but now suddenly she is losing courage. She wanted to go to him immediately, and wanted to be in his arms, but now the steps are not moving toward the room.

Purva suddenly comes to the kitchen, and seeing Suman there, she immediately starts taking a good look at her. She comes to ask her.

"What happened? Why are you here till now?"

" Di, Am I starting to look weird? ... I mean, it's been 2 years since he hasn't seen me... I feel like he doesn't want to see me."

It didn't take even 2 seconds for Purva to feel the pain in Suman's words. She immediately hugs her, lovingly cups her face, and tells her.

"Once you quickly go to your room and hug him tightly... After that, all these useless things will go out of your mind, because I know very well that the more you are suffering here, the more he will be suffering there too. Send the kids to my room to sleep. Why unnecessarily want to spoil your night?"

"No, both of them fell asleep after drinking milk, and Adhiraj took them to the room. He wanted to spend time with both of them."

Purva quickly winks and sets her pallu, adjusts her saree from her waist, and looks at her and says,.

"If the children create any kind of disturbance, then immediately send them to my room... Enjoy your night."

Suman's cheeks turn red as soon as she understands the meaning of her words, and she bends her face and presses her lips between her teeth.

Suman gets a lot of courage and immediately comes towards her room, and as soon as she peeps inside, Adhiraj just continues watching both the children with their hands in his pockets. There is a slight smile on his face. The smile she was longing to see too slowly enters the room, closes the door, and looks at Adhiraj again. Perhaps he is not yet aware that Suman has entered the room, as he is too engrossed in watching the children.

Adhiraj is busy looking at his children. He has no idea of time, nor does he seem to care about anyone else in the world. He is only waiting for Suman, and his eyes are fixed only on his children.

Suman finally cannot control herself, and tears start flowing from her eyes, and she immediately goes behind Adhiraj and hugs him tightly. Adhiraj, as soon as he feels her arms on him. He immediately closed his eyes, wanting to feel her touch very well.

"Raj ji, I miss you so much."

This is a precious gift for him. Adhiraj immediately holds her hand and pulls her in front of him, where he starts seeing her very well. She definitely tries to look into his eyes for a few moments. But with the intensity that is in his eyes, she is not able to tolerate that intensity at all. That's why she immediately lowered her eyes. Adhiraj pulls her into his arms and hugs her tightly while moving towards the sofa.

He quickly sits, pulls her onto his lap, and quickly places his lips on her in a very urgent and demanding kiss. He is carved for this; he sucks her hungrily, nibbles, and bites her lips like he is demanding his remaining 2 years of kisses.

It is very difficult for Suman to match his pace, but she is trying her best to give him exactly the same response as he is giving her. They are totally engrossed in each other to show their longing for each other.

Adhiraj quickly opens her hair, which is now longer than before. He smiles, looking at its length, smells her hair, and sucks on her neck while smelling her fragrance.

He wants to show all his longing for her by making love, and she just wants to give him what he wants but wants to hear that he also misses her. He quickly asked.

"Why are you late?"

"You weren't even looking at me, so I thought you didn't want me... I did not want to enter the room."

He immediately looks at her face and then turns her over to the sofa, where he comes on top of her, caressing her cheeks, and says in his deep voice:.

"I tell you how much I want to see you..."

With this, he again captured her lips in his very demanding kiss and invaded his tongue to punish her tongue, which is just utter nonsense. His words sent chills down her spine and a very sweet tickling in her stomach. He is stealing all her air; she taps him to leave her, but he does not understand her tapping because he wants more and more.

Finally, he leaves her lips; she hungrily gasps for air while resting her face on his broad chest, and he has a victorious smile on his face, which makes her shy. She quickly turned her eyes away, but he quickly cupped her face and said,.

"Don't... I want you fully with me."

Suman was working the whole day today because of his arrival, due to which she is very tired, but in any case, she does not want to upset him by refusing, but she looks at the children.

Adhiraj also immediately turns to look at the kids, and he is also understanding her concern very well. But since he has not been sexually active for two years, he is unable to stop himself from coming close to Suman today. he says.

"Don't make any noise. They are sleeping."

"I will send them to Purva Di's room."

"No, they will be here with me... They will not disturb us; don't worry."

Adhiraj immediately leaves her and comes close to her with a sheet, taking off his clothes immediately. He takes care of his children very well. Seeing him like this, she is a little nervous because she is afraid of children as well, and after her pregnancy, she has not come close to him at all, so because of this, she feels a strange fear.


Suman flinches at his hard tobe; she quickly turns off the lights and only lights up a small dim bulb for kids; she removes everything and comes close to him; he tightly holds her in his arm, which makes her breathless; Adhiraj quickly places his lips on hers and fully sucks her air.

He kisses her hard and bites her to see her with his marks again. Adhiraj looks at her bosoms, which are full of milk because she still feeds her kids. He looks at her and smirks, which makes her more shy with his naughty gesture.

He sucks them hard, and she quickly presses her mouth with her fist. She knows he is not going to leave her anytime soon, and this makes her very nervous too.

She plays with his hair slowly and lets go of all wrong thoughts with his touch. Adhiraj shows his eagerness, his longing, and everything else through his lips and touches, and Suman feels so emotional when he does not stop making love with her.

He does not stop kissing her, and he wants to devour her more and more. There is not a single part of Suman's body left that Adhiraj has not touched.

He takes his position and slowly enters. Suman does not show on her face at all that she is having a little problem because she does not want to refuse Adhiraj.

He quickly hugs her tightly and starts pounding her very fast. Suman hugs him tightly and closes her eyes tightly, but not before checking on her troublesome sons.

Adhiraj loads her with his seeds and collapses on her; he understands her discomfort, but at that time he was unable to stop himself. But now he doesn't want to continue, at least for tonight, because she will not refuse him but definitely feel discomfort if he continues. He quickly puts on his pants while looking at the kids and says,

"Let's sleep; it's already late."

Suman doesn't understand what happened suddenly, but she slowly starts wearing her clothes. Adhiraj immediately lies down next to Adhrith and starts looking at their faces. Suman keeps looking back at Adhiraj, as she is unable to understand anything.

Suman quietly lies down next to Adhyant, who clings to her as soon as he feels her closeness. She closed her eyes.

"Does it hurt?"

She quickly looks at Adhiraj, who is only looking at her; she is quite shocked, but he stops just because of her discomfort, she says.

"Just because it is after a long time..."

"It's okay, take a rest... It will definitely be okay after a few attempts... Take care..."

Adhiraj slides towards her side with Adhrith; she also slides towards him with Adhyant, and they all come very close to each other; she smiles slightly; he likes this smile; and soon they are in the lap of sleep.


Aarti quickly comes down the stairs and immediately goes outside after kissing the foreheads of the children. She doesn't look back at anyone at all. Adhidev, who is coming behind her, is seen to be very angry at this time, seeing that Adhiraj can guess a lot about the situation. Shortly, there is the sound of an engine starting, due to which he has also gotten the idea that Aarti is going to drive herself, and Adhidev is not going to drop her either.

Everyone has come for breakfast, and Aarti has already left. He has understood that she has been working continuously in Taneja's company and is now very empowered about what to do and what not to do, especially after the death of her mother. She has also started paying excessive attention to her father.

Adhidev is annoyed with something; he sits on a chair; Sarvaksh quickly comes towards him; he makes him sit on his lap with a smile and starts showing his toys; Rudraksh also follows him; Adhyant is already sitting on Adhiraj's lap; and Adhrith is playing on the floor.

Just as Achindra and Achintya come to the dining table, Prakshit and Rakshit are also there because they are discussing something. He calls Adhidev as soon as he sees him.

"Doesn't your wife have enough time to feed even a spoonful of morsels to her children?"

"Mr. Taneja lined up some meetings today."

"We cannot say anything to Taneja, but your wife has gone out of your hands in such a bad way that she does not listen to you at all. She even leaves the responsibility of her children to you. In such a situation, you should know what you should do with her."

"Divorce is the only option."

"What rubbish are you talking about?"

"I slapped her… and she wants a divorce. She didn't tell her father till now, but I think he will only support her."

Adhiraj was just trying to understand the point, but Adhidev slapped Aarti, and he didn't like it at all. Suman and Purva, who were working in the kitchen, suddenly stopped holding hands and started looking at each other.

"Divorce is not given in our family... You probably do not remember this, but if there is a divorce, the children will be handed over to the mother, which I will not allow to happen under any circumstances. They are our blood. They will always be with us. I don't know whether one slap will work or whether 10 slaps will have to do the work, but what we want will happen... Achintya and I have a meeting at a hotel; we will eat our breakfast there. But remember, I want my bloodline around us only."

They both quickly leave the room. Gayatri has vowed that, when Adhiraj comes, she will make rounds in the temple continuously for 100 days. Because of this, she has gone to the temple, and all the people who are present there start seeing Adhidev. He is so upset at this point that he can't even tell his troubles to anyone, and he leaves both the kids on the ground and starts looking at both of them. He says.

"I lost control... I am frustrated with her behavior. She thinks of her father and his company all the time and has no affection for the children, because of which she immediately leaves without fear."

No one is in a position to explain it to him, so everyone concentrates only on breakfast, and after having it, Purva and Suman are running after the four children to feed them breakfast, and Adhyant is not even ready to take a morsel in his mouth and is crying loudly.

"Dudu… (milk)"

Suman sometimes gets frustrated with his demands, as he is very stubborn about everything. She tries hard to get him to eat something, but he is so firm in his stubbornness that he will not eat anything else until he gets his mother's milk.

Adhiraj noticed everything very attentively. Suman took Adhyant in her arms and went back to their room to feed him milk, as he is very stubborn.

Adhiraj is not going to the office for 3–4 days as he wants to relax for a few days. He comes back to his room after checking on all the kids who are troubling Purva, and Purva has already sent her breakfast into the room.

"Antu, I will slap you."

But he is so engrossed in his mischief that he doesn't care if his mother is getting angry with him or upset because of him. He continuously sucks milk every 2 seconds and then again comes out of her saree, starts laughing, and tries to play with her.

"Leave it… I will not feed you."

"Du, du, du."

"keep quiet… You are very bad... Now go; otherwise, I will slap you."

Adhiraj is listening to everything while leaning against the door, and he is also seeing how much Adhyant is troubling Suman.

"Antu... Go eat food."

"Nhi(no), du du..." (not at... (I only want milk.)

"Antu… "

He says it in a strict voice, and Adhyant flinches slightly, clinging to his mother quickly, but Adhiraj comes and forcibly takes him from Suman's lap and looks at Suman.

"Finish your breakfast. I will handle him. There is no work for lunch; everyone is going to have lunch outside today because of the meeting, and the servant will cook food. You relax because you also know there is a party in the evening. No one can tell for how long one has to stand there."

She only nods because Adhiraj scolded a small kid, which she didn't like, but she didn't say anything, so Adhiraj goes out with Adhyant. Adhyant is looking at his father with his lower lip out, as he is going to cry anytime, and all the other kids are playing. Purva is sitting with all of them and waiting for any of them to come, and she feeds them, as she has enjoyed spending time with them for a long time and knows that now that Adhiraj is home, Suman will need some time with Adhiraj as well. Adhiraj quickly asks.

"Did you eat anything?"

"No. … These monsters do not give us time to eat; even they have not had food yet. Then later, they will start crying... I will eat lunch directly."

"Soundarya… "

"Ji bhaiya..."(yes brother)

"Quickly bring breakfast for Purva Bhabhi and make fresh tea for her."

Adhiraj himself sits with the children and starts feeding them with his hands. Adhyant is not throwing many tantrums now that Adhiraj has reprimanded him, and he is quietly eating food from his father's hand. As soon as Rudraksh starts getting up from there so that he can play, Adhiraj shows him anger with his eyes; he quickly sits and eats quietly.

Purva smiles at the stubborn kids. In the evening, Rakshit and Prakshit feed all these children very easily. But from morning until evening, these four kids trouble Suman and Purva a lot. Gayatri also gets very tired running after them. That's why both of them try hard so that it is better not to disturb her, but many times they have to disturb Gayatri even without wanting to. After feeding them, he kisses them and coos softly; they all quickly laugh and engage in playing. Adhiraj asks Purva.

"What will these monkeys do now?"

"They will play for about ½ hour or an hour, then sleep for an hour... After eating lunch, they turn this hall into a market, and after 3 p.m. again, they sleep to gain more energy to disturb our energy."

He laughs at her amazing theory, and he keeps on checking on the children, who are tired of playing now, so everyone has started rubbing their eyes. Purva signals them all to go upstairs so that she can go to her room and sleep. Everyone starts climbing the stairs in line and going to her room with her. But Adhyant immediately turns around and goes to Suman.

"Ma… ninu… " (Mom, I want to sleep.)

Suman quickly spreads her arms and lifts him into her arms. Adhiraj also comes to the room and lies down on the bed. Adhyant checks on Adhiraj on the bed and keeps humming while closing his eyes. Adhiraj says.

"Suman… "

"Hmmm… "

"Come, lie down."

Suman takes Adhyant and lies down on the bed, and Adhiraj immediately comes close to her and puts his hand on her stomach. Adhyant, who was sleeping on Suman's chest, suddenly opens his eyes and finds his father's hand on his mother. As he sees it, he immediately sits down, holding his father's hand, and removes it. Clinging tightly to his mother, he starts staring at his father.

"Possessive much..."

Suman smiles and kisses his forehead, and he keeps staring at him till he dozes off completely. Now Adhiraj hugs her tightly and says,

"This little devil is very fond of you."

"He is very possessive of everyone."

"Wear the diamond necklace I bought for you at the party."


"Why is Aarti not paying attention to kids?"

"It's not that she is not paying attention... Only after the birth of the children did her mother die. There was a very difficult time for her, and after pregnancy, she is facing consistent problems. She is very weak from the birth of children, and when she comes back from work, she is so tired that she cannot pay attention to the children. She tries her best to spend time with kids, but her father is very emotional after her mother's death. Even she is not able to forget her mother... Both father and daughter are just sharing their sadness."

"Hmm, how're your studies? Prakshit was telling me that you have not bought books this time."

"Woh, it's hard with kids."

"But not impossible, right? try hard… Keep resting; they make you very tired."

Suman can't believe that Adhiraj is having a very normal conversation with her, which she longed for, and she really likes this change in Adhiraj. She smiles and places her head on Adhiraj's shoulder. He caresses her hair and starts massaging her scalp, which really gives her comfort.

She closed her eyes and didn't want to open her eyes, because if this is a dream, then she does not want this dream to be broken, even by mistake.

She feels his lips on her head and his arm around her waist without disturbing Adhyant. Adhiraj's eyes regularly fix on Suman's face, and he really wants to keep staring at her all day and night.

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